2013 i awards briefing finalists 24 july 2013


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  • National winners from the iAwards company categories go onto to compete at the Asia-Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards, to be held in Hong Kong in November 2013.APICTA is an international award designed to increase ICT awareness by providing networking and product benchmarking opportunities to ICT innovators and entrepreneurs in the region.Integral Technology Solutions and LGIS, Smart Services CRC in partnership with University of Wollongong (NSW) and Sissit PTY LTD won and Opengear and PaperCut Software International Pty Ltd were awarded merits at APICTA awards in 2012.
  • 2013 i awards briefing finalists 24 july 2013

    1. 1. iAwards National Finalists Webinar Briefing Company/Group Categories 23 July 2013 Presented by: Kelly Hutchinson, Executive Judge
    2. 2. • Your next steps on your iAwards journey • Key Dates • iAwards Category Domains • Judging Process Company/Group Categories • Hints from past Judges • APICTA Awards • Questions Webinar overview Kelly Hutchinson Executive Judge
    3. 3. Congratulations! Your next steps on your iAwards journey The iAwards program's goal is to provide business, industry and government with a clear view of the people leading ICT in Australia and the quality of innovation being produced. State winners go onto National finals and compete representing their home town. Presenting face-to-face to a Judging Panel of industry experts. National company winners go on to compete with the best in the Asia Pacific region making the iAwards the only truly international awards program delivered to the national ICT community.
    4. 4. Key dates for 2013 Judging Schedule sent 4 July 2013 Confirm your attendance at MasterClass 11 July 2013 Round Two Online Briefing Session 24 July 2013 Reserve your Award Presentation Before 31 July 2013 & Gala Dinner Tickets Round Two Judging – Melbourne 5 & 6 August 2013 iAwards Australia 3.0 Forum – Melbourne 8 August 2013 iAwards Nominees VIP Networking Luncheon8 August 2013 - Melbourne iAwards Gala Dinner – Melbourne
    5. 5. Development Domain Research & Development New Product Tools Industry Domain Financial Industrial Resources Services Domain Consumer Education Government Health Society Domain Community Regional Sustainability Student Domain Secondary Student Project Tertiary student Project Postgraduate Tertiary Student Professional Domain CIO of the Year ICT Professional of the Year ICT Woman of the Year ICT Educator of the Year Pioneer Domain Pearcey Medal & Hall of Fame Benson Entrepreneur iAwards Innovation Start-Up The 2013 iAwards celebrates excellence across multiple domains which should make it easier for entrants to identify the right category to enter. iAwards Group Domains
    6. 6. All National Finalists who are Australian headquartered companies are automatically eligible for the Inspiration iAward and Start-up iAward Pioneer Categories free of charge. Inspiration iAward Start-up iAward All iAwards National Winners from all company/group categories are considered for this award All iAwards National Finalists whereby the company itself is still considered at the early stage of inception and were registered after Jan 2010 can nominate for this special award Please note: These categories are only judged at the second round of the iAwards. To be eligible you need to submit a nomination in one of the other group categories and win or be awarded a merit in the state iAwards and proceed to the national finals. You will be contacted to complete additional information as required Pioneer Categories
    7. 7. • VENUE The venue for judging on both days is: KPMG Level 5, 147 Collins Street Melbourne • JUDGING SCHEDULE Please follow the schedule below when judging each submission. Each finalist has been allocated a 35 minute time slot to present their nomination. This is broken down into: – Set up – 5mins – Presentation – 15mins – Q&A – 10mins – Pack down – 5mins – Judges deliberation – 10mins Judging Process Group Categories
    8. 8. Preparing your presentation • Only use necessary jargon, avoid "MBA" speak that doesn't differentiate you • Make sure you don't get mired in detail - people care about impact not features • Make it evident that you do have a strategy for growth, esp. Asia Pac • And .... be visual - big pics... Highlight your innovation as this is after all what the iAwards is looking to showcase so don’t bury it in a marketing spiel. Go back to your written entry and review it – what did you miss? How can you do better?
    9. 9. What to focus on? Why What How Mostly Why Enough What Little about How
    10. 10. 2 approaches… Scale it Beginning and wrap-up - start with a "small, bigger, biggest" market and the problems each face that your product solves (individual customer, an industry, the world, for example) - the end IN REVERSE ORDER (the world can now ...; the industry can now...; the customer/you can now...). Make the order begin and end with the strongest suit. Story Start and end (close the loop) with a meaningful story or example that hits the judges right between the eyes with regards to the market gap and your value proposition - without using the words "market gap" or "value proposition”! Put yourself in the judges' shoes - what pain point that you are solving will really hit home with them.
    11. 11. • Overall. Be clear, concise and answer the questions. • Stick to time limit. Simple yet hard to do so practice! • Criteria Ensure you demonstrate each of the specific criteria in your responses as this is what the judges have to score against. • Reference material. You can bring product brochures or other material the judges won’t be able to keep it and it may be a distraction so choose wisely. No gifts are allowed. • Photos. Include photos that illustrate your solution in action not just screen grabs or use case scenario diagrams. Hints from Judges
    12. 12. Check out your competition! View all National Finalist Interviews here: https://www.youtube.com/user/theiAwards
    13. 13. APICTA Awards The Asia Pacific ICT Alliance
    14. 14. For more information visit www.iawards.com.au call 1300 665 145 email admin@iawards.com.au Questions?
    15. 15. Final tips for iAwards Finalists • Don’t underestimate your business • Stick to outcomes, not the technology itself • Utilise your passionate people • Make the most of the win • Leverage the win to GROW
    16. 16. What you do with the win is as crucial as the win itself! Tell the universe!  Announce on website  Newsletter  Email an announcement  Put iAwards logo on everything  Share the experience with your customers & staff  Profile raising using the media  Profile raising through politicians Share the good news!
    17. 17. Category and other sponsorships are still available – closing soon Host partners Major partners Thanks to our partners
    18. 18. Thank you for entering the iAwards Good luck!