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Project list

  1. 1. Project list 1: 1. A 2.4-Ghz Energy-Efficient Transmitter For Wireless Medical Applications. 2. A Forest Fire Monitoring System Based On ZigBee Wireless Sensor Networks 3. A Microcontroller Based Multi Function Solar Tracking System 4. A Rfid-Based Material Tracking Information System. 5. Doppler principle based an intelligent system for moving object. 6. An Embedded Laboratory Security Monitoring System using RFID. 7. An Embedded Laboratory Security Monitoring System. 8. Development of a digital system for Vadose zone monitoring process . 9. Development of a system to wirelessly test Irrigation scheduling process . 10. Automatic Detection Of Human And Energy Saving Based On Zigbee Communication. 11. Bidirectional Medication Support System for Medical Staff And Home Care Patients. 12. Design and implementation of an intelligent system to measure speed of moving objects. 13. Design And Development Of A Hand-Glove Controlled Wheel Chair. 14. Development an energy saving scheme with Wireless intensity controlling of AC Bulb. 15. Design of a Wireless Medical Monitoring System for continuous monitoring of patients. 16. Enhanced Biometrics-Based Remote User Authentication Scheme. 17. Fingerprint Based Multi-Server Authentication System for highly secured areas. 18. Development of a Led Indicator for Heart Rate Monitoring System. 19. Monitoring of Patients’ Signs Wirelessly. 20. Development of a digital system for wirelessly checking soil moisture. 21. A New Intelligent Remote Control System for Home Automation. 22. Automatic Detection of Train Arrival using sensors. 23. Head Motion Controlled Power Wheelchair. 24. Wireless Fingerprint Attendance System Based On ZigBee Technology.
  2. 2. 25. Development Of A Tilt Measurement Unit Using Accelerometer26. Development Of Academic Attendance Monitoring System Using Fingerprint Identification.27. Development of wireless weather station using IEEE 802.15.4 LAN standard protocol.28. Metal detection based security system using transceiver module.29. Development of a system for Digital Electronic Compass Design.30. Development of an automatic direction finding robots.31. Development of an digital altitude monitoring system .32. Development of a security system based on digital code lock.33. Development of an environmental monitoring system.34. Development of system to avoid human intrusion in restricted areas.35. Development of a system to detect water level.36. Zigbee based weight measurement using Load cell for retail shop.37. Development of a system to wirelessly measure Weight used for Retail shop.38. NEC protocol based fan speed control.39. NEC protocol based wireless bot.40. NEC protocol based light Automation.41. NEC protocol based appliances control.42. NEC protocol based intensity control of AC Bulb.43. RC5 protocol based fan speed control.44. RC5 protocol based wireless bot.45. RC5 protocol based light Automation.46. RC5 protocol based appliances control.47. RC5 protocol based intensity control of AC Bulb.48. DTMF based appliances control.49. DTMF based Fan speed control.50. Mobile controlled robot for gathering real time sensory data.
  3. 3. Project list 2:1. Real time hardware design of PLCC (Power line carrier communication) to transmit message in AC power line.2. Real time hardware design on Application of ZigBee Technology in Flammable and Explosive Environment .3. Integrated RFID and Sensor Networks Architectures and Applications .4. ZigBee Sensor Network For Structural Health Monitoring.5. The Practical Design of Constructing Power line carrier communication system for transferring of data in AC power line.6. LPG monitoring system for oil and gas industries using 433 Mhz transmitter & receiver system.7. Practical design of Electronic voting machine using ATMEGA8/16/328. Integrated Automatic meter reading and sensor network system using CC2500 Transceiver module.9. Real time hardware design on Application of ZigBee transmitter receiver Technology in Smart Parking System and its Technology10. A Wireless Data Acquisition and Transmission System Design .11. A Low Cost GSM/GPRS based Wireless Home Security System.12. A Comparative Analysis of RFID Adoption in Retail & Manufacturing Sectors.13. Design and Implementation of Home Automation System.14. Real time hardware design on Collision avoider in metro trains and wireless information sender through Rx/Tx 433Mhz.15. Hardware design of Human motion detector for security system in large scale industries.16. Integrated Real time design of pressure monitoring system and sensor network for RIG industries.17. Temperature monitoring system in highly flammable areas in large scale industries through sensor networks
  4. 4. 18. Voltage and current monitoring of Solar panels through ATMEGA 8 industrial controller. RFID Technology Based Projects :1. RFID based Automatic challan system .2. RFID based Library management system.3. RFID based Vehicle tracking system.4. RFID based security system.5. RFID based Attendance system.6. RFID based railway reservation .7. RFID based shopping cart .8. RFID based automatic toll tax deduction system .9. RFID based ATM machine .10. RFID based Energy meter with recharge option .11. RFID based voting machine .12. RFID based animal identification device for dairy forms . GSM Technology based projects:1. SMS based home appliances control.2. SMS based voting machine.3. SMS based DC motor control.4. SMS based home security system.5. SMS based meter monitoring with temperature control.6. SMS based stepper motor control.7. SMS based vending machine.8. SMS based anti theft system for vehicle.9. Interfacing of GSM mobile to PC to send the message.10. SMS based railway reservation system.11. SMS based vehicle location finder for parking.12. SMS based notice board for institute.13. SMS based wireless robot.