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SEO is Dead
SEO is Dead
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Jonesryan google kitchensink-sm-xtor12

  1. 1. @RyanJones Manager of Search SapientNitro @RyanJones
  2. 2. The Google Penalty Algorithm Recent Google “Penalties:” • Farmer • Panda • Ads Above Fold • Link Networks • Parked Domains • Un-Natural Links • Over Optimization • Webspam Google makes over 350 changes to their algorithm EACH YEAR! RT @RyanJones It’s time we stop thinking about algorithm updates as “penalties” and ask how we can benefit from them. @RyanJones
  3. 3. Good SEOs get hit by Algorithm Changes. Note: this is one of my personal spammy sites Great SEOs benefit from them. Algorithm Change RT @RyanJones Good SEOs get hit by Google algorithm changes. Great SEOs benefit from them. @RyanJones
  4. 4. Algorithm Chasing is NOT Sustainable. RT @RyanJones Sustainable SEO is about chasing visitors, not algorithms @RyanJones
  5. 5. “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” - The Great One @RyanJones
  6. 6. “A good SEO optimizes where Google is. A great SEO optimizes where Google is going to be.” - @RyanJones @RyanJones
  7. 7. Stop Chasing The Algorithm Algorithm Chasing is NOT Sustainable. Start Chasing Results Instead RT @RyanJones: “Make your decisions based on visitors & KPIs, NOT algorithm changes.” @RyanJones
  8. 8. You’re Doing It Wrong RT @RyanJones: Instead of asking ‘how can I rank for this keyword’ ask ‘what does a searcher expect?’ then build it @RyanJones
  9. 9. Start Thinking Like Google • As SEOs, we are the 1% • Most Google searchers have never heard of link wheels, Panda, paid links, cloaking, or over optimization penalties @RyanJones
  10. 10. This is how the 99% Search RT @RyanJones Your cat’s staring at your twitchy eye. Your winking is creeping him out. Oh, and buy better dog food. @RyanJones
  11. 11. “The Future of Search Is Verbs” - Bill Gates Searchers want to accomplish a task. Google rewards sites that help searchers do something. RT @RyanJones It doesn’t matter how many links you have if your site is crap. @RyanJones
  12. 12. “Dude, you’re full of shit. You sound like a Google PR person. I have great content and my site doesn’t rank. - Some drunk guy at the hotel bar tonight @RyanJones
  13. 13. Differentiate & Add Value HOW? Be that Vital result • Freshness • Better User Experience If people don’t find your site • Better Content when they search, they • Most Popular should think that search is broken. • • Rel=author • Unique Content RT @RyanJones In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. – Coco Chanel @RyanJones
  14. 14. Thank You. @RyanJones Manager Search Strategy & Analytics SapientNitro P.S. I’m Hiring in TOR, CHI, DET Send Me a Resume: @RyanJones

Editor's Notes

  • Contrary to popular belief, google’s algorithm doesn’t start with sites and penalize until 10 are left.
  • When one site gets penalizes, another benefits
  • Forget about chasing algorithms. Google makes hundreds of changes each month and being reactive is a losing effort. Instead, be proactive.
  • It’s playoff time – which for those unfamiliar is what teams outside of Toronto do after the regular season. There’s a great quote from waynegretzky where he says.
  • But the same thing applies to SEO and Google.
  • When people search they’re usually trying to accomplish a task. Google wants to reward sites that can help them do that. The quicker and easier, the better. All the links in the world won’t matter if users don’t find your site useful.
  • Search for ‘pad thai’ – I’m going to click the result with the picture and the star ratings.
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