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Jonesryan google kitchensink-sm-xtor12


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my slides from the Google Kitchen Sink panel at SMX Toronto 2012

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Jonesryan google kitchensink-sm-xtor12

  1. 1. @RyanJonesManager of @RyanJones
  2. 2. The Google Penalty AlgorithmRecent Google “Penalties:”• Farmer• Panda• Ads Above Fold• Link Networks• Parked Domains• Un-Natural Links• Over Optimization• Webspam Google makes over 350 changes to their algorithm EACH YEAR!RT @RyanJones It’s time we stop thinking about algorithmupdates as “penalties” and ask how we can benefit from them. @RyanJones
  3. 3. Good SEOs get hit by Algorithm Changes. Note: this is one of my personal spammy sitesGreat SEOs benefit from them. Algorithm ChangeRT @RyanJones Good SEOs get hit by Google algorithmchanges. Great SEOs benefit from them. @RyanJones
  4. 4. Algorithm Chasing is NOT Sustainable.RT @RyanJones Sustainable SEO is about chasing visitors,not algorithms @RyanJones
  5. 5. “A good hockey player plays where thepuck is. A great hockey player plays wherethe puck is going to be.” - The Great One @RyanJones
  6. 6. “A good SEO optimizes where Google is. Agreat SEO optimizes where Google is goingto be.” - @RyanJones @RyanJones
  7. 7. Stop Chasing The AlgorithmAlgorithm Chasing is NOT Sustainable.Start Chasing Results InsteadRT @RyanJones: “Make your decisions based on visitors &KPIs, NOT algorithm changes.” @RyanJones
  8. 8. You’re Doing It Wrong RT @RyanJones: Instead of asking ‘how can I rank for this keyword’ ask ‘what does a searcher expect?’ then build it @RyanJones
  9. 9. Start Thinking Like Google• As SEOs, we are the 1%• Most Google searchers have never heard of link wheels, Panda, paid links, cloaking, or over optimization penalties @RyanJones
  10. 10. This is how the 99% SearchRT @RyanJones Your cat’s staring at your twitchy eye. Yourwinking is creeping him out. Oh, and buy better dog food. @RyanJones
  11. 11. “The Future of Search Is Verbs” - Bill Gates Searchers want to accomplish a task. Google rewards sites that help searchers do something.RT @RyanJones It doesn’t matter how many links you have ifyour site is crap. @RyanJones
  12. 12. “Dude, you’re full of shit. You soundlike a Google PR person. I have great content and my site doesn’t rank. - Some drunk guy at the hotel bar tonight @RyanJones
  13. 13. Differentiate & Add Value HOW? Be that Vital result • Freshness • Better User Experience If people don’t find your site • Better Content when they search, they • Most Popular should think that search is broken. • • Rel=author • Unique ContentRT @RyanJones In order to be irreplaceable one must alwaysbe different. – Coco Chanel @RyanJones
  14. 14. Thank You. @RyanJonesManager Search Strategy & AnalyticsSapientNitrowww.RyanMJones.comP.S. I’m Hiring in TOR, CHI, DETSend Me a Resume: @RyanJones