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Ryan Jones Presentation from SMX west 2012 on migrating websites.

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  • Brand identity. Might have bought a better name. Sued somebody?Generally bad things SEOs hate. But what about moving to help your SEO?Buying links is bad, buying a site with more links than you have, works pretty well.
  • Most incoming links from news, etc pointed to ford not fordvehiclesHad to sell this to whole agency and ford – all the way up to elena.
  • 6-8 million visitors/month, any downtime is critical.
  • Remember, we had to be able to flip it back if ceo changed their mind.4 chances to mess up. Had to move to new server, test akami, test everything. Engineers even worried about email.
  • Not just about rankings
  • Jones ryan migratingwebsites2

    1. 1. Ryan Jones@RyanJonesManager Search Strategy & AnalyticsSapientNitroSenior SEO StrategistTeam @RyanJones
    2. 2. Reasons To Move Domain A Change In Brand Identity Google Penalty You Really Screwed Up Consolidate / Leverage Authority @RyanJones
    3. 3. Original Domain Landscape ****owner .com PR4 ****credit ****.com ****part .com PR5 PR6 PR1 ****vehicles .com PR5 @RyanJones
    4. 4. One ****, One DomainData:Exit and bounce rates to ****.com were too high.Theory:Site wasn’t meeting user expectations. Visitors wanted carinformation, not company informationProposed Solution:Brand sites are too spread out and don’t play nicetogether. Consolidate them to leverage authority.Next Step:Massive Internal Sales Effort @RyanJones
    5. 5. Current Domain Landscape ****.com PR7 And a couple PR6 Credit.****.com PR5 Owner.****.com PR6 Corporate.****.com more…ULTIMATE GOAL: Create one authority site and allow other divisions to leverage that authority @RyanJones
    6. 6. It’s a Double Move… Requirements: • Move 2 sites at once • Ensure no down time • Mitigate short period of duplicate content • Necessary due to Akami, testing, QA, etc. @RyanJones
    7. 7. Selling ItStep 1: What’s in It for me? - Promised XX% increase in monetized site value - Communicate value and get all teams on board.Step 2: Come up with a plan - How to actually move 2 sites. - How to allow for testing and QA. - Revert back if things go horribly wrong. - Communicate plan (coordinate with media etc)Step 3: Measure Everything - Rankings - Traffic / Value / Bounce Rate / 404s @RyanJones
    8. 8. Slightly more complicated than a simple 301… Corporate.****.com ****.com ****Vehicles.com1.2.3.4. Indicates a canonical tag @RyanJones
    9. 9. How Did It Turn Out? • More Traffic! • Over 28% increase in total traffic • Better Engagement • Bounce rate decreased 2% • Value! • Value per visit up over 8% • Overall site value up over 38% • Visibility • Pagerank & ranking increases @RyanJones
    10. 10. Visibility – before and after @RyanJones
    11. 11. @RyanJones
    12. 12. Thank You @RyanJonesManager Search Strategy & @RyanJones