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Ryan Jones 2012 SES Accelerator presentation from the meaningful search metrics panel.

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  • Ask how many sell things. Ask large brand. Ask how many pull data omniture GA
  • What question are you trying to answer? What # would change your mind? Owner example.
  • Your goal probably isn’t rankings and visits. It’s conversions. How do you measure your goals?
  • Pagerank, visits over time, etc aren’t actionable. They can’t tell you if you’re hitting your goal.
  • We need to look deeper than visits over time and ranking reports.
  • Look at the conversion/bounce rates of your broad and head terms vs long tail. Look at the keywords associated with various stages of funnel. Where are you lacking? Why?
  • Case study from Ford. We wanted to go after higher funnel broad terms. Got long tail terms and much better visit value
  • How can I use this approach in my daily SEO activities?
  • How many segment branded and non branded? How many segment deeper than that?
  • Not much difference between paid and natrual search ads. Yet we track them so differently.
  • Could be a terrible title. Could be different phase in funnel, could be (next slide) cannibalization
  • Also: find where I rank 12 and see what I can do to get it to 10. if I already in top 10, get a 2 nd result and it indents it.
  • Why aren’t they sending traffic? Crawling problem? Combine content? Duplicate content? Useful?
  • Is there a correlation? There should be.
  • Actionable SEO Metrics

    1. Actionable SEO Metrics SES Accelerator San Diego 2012 Ryan Jones Sr. Search Strategist Team Detroit @RyanJones
    2. @RyanJones Senior SEO Strategist Team Detroit
    3. <ul><li>“ Having more data isn’t always better” </li></ul>What Are Actionable Analytics? Actionable Analytics involve using business goals and data to drive decisions. Act * tion * able adj ˈak-sh(ə-)nə-bəl 1: Capable of being acted upon
    4. What Is Your Goal? Rankings & Visits or Sales, Conversions, Signups, & Engagement
    5. Am I Hitting My Goal? Hopefully, these aren’t your goals.
    6. Look Deeper Actionable : Information that allows a decision to be made.
    7. Home Page Category Pages Sub Category Pages Product pages Long Tail Keywords Head Keywords Conversion Rate? Conversion Rate? Understand & find opportunities throughout your sales funnel
    8. Goal: Rank for terms like “ New Trucks ” and drive higher funnel shoppers Result: Drove lots of long tail terms Side Effect: Long tail terms had a much better KPI conversion rate. Lesson: Less focus on high volume “hero” terms. Go after what converts.
    9. Look at Actions, Not Just Keywords Group Keywords by what people are trying to do on your site Action Impressions Clicks CTR KPIs/Revenue Bounce Buy Product 200,000 158,000 79% $42,000 12% Owner Support Research & Awareness High Funnel Terms
    10. Actionable Reporting Client: What’s happening & what should I do? Start with your goals, report the metrics that align with them
    11. How can I use actionable analytics to answer everyday SEO questions? Let’s Look at some examples…..
    12. OMG – Traffic is Down
    13. WHY?
    14. If we factor out the sale that ended, traffic was actually UP!
    15. Another Example
    16. Let’s Break Down that Blue Line
    17. Keyword Bucketing User Intent – Branded – Products – Events – Long Tail – Purchase Funnel
    18. Titles Tags Are Ads too! Test them with paid search <ul><li>Quickly get keyword impressions </li></ul><ul><li>Find out which landing page converts better </li></ul><ul><li>Learn what keywords convert </li></ul>
    20. Click Through Rate Comparison <ul><li>Get Impressions from GWT with PHP script at </li></ul>VS. Expected Clicks Actual Clicks Do I Need A More Enticing Title Tag? Rank % of Clicks 0 0.0% 1 36.4% 2 12.5% 3 9.5% 4 7.9% 5 6.1% 6 4.1% 7 3.8% 8 3.5% 9 3.0% 10 2.2% 11 2.6% 12 1.5% 13 1.3% 14 1.1% 15 1.2% 16 1.2% 17 1.4% 18 1.3% 19 1.4% 20 1.4%
    21. Example CTR Calculation Keyword: “Ford Focus” Rank: 1 Impressions: 700,000 Estimated Clicks = Impressions * % from chart 700,000 * .364 = 254,800 clicks Actual Clicks (pull from analytics not WMT) 160,000 Clicks Why So Low?
    22. Paid Search Cannibalization
    23. This Looks Bad….
    24. But This Looks Good
    25. Show rebidulator keyword compare tab Finding & Balancing Cannibalization Find Opportunities – like shifting spend from “blue widgets” into “Bacon Pears” Keyword Cost Paid Rank SEO Rank Paid Clicks SEO Clicks Paid KPIs SEO KPIs Blue Widgets $1596 1 1 752 986 23 400 Bacon Polenta $396 1 5 600 250 481 49 Pears $250 3 0 250 0 9 0 Bacon Pears $860 4 12 1004 12 974 3
    26. Let’s look at some other questions…
    27. Do I Have Indexing Issues? Do I Have Content Issues? Is My Content Working?
    28. Indexed Pages VS. Pages Actually Sending Traffic VS. Total Site Pages
    29. VS. Unique Keywords * There should be a strong correlation here
    30. Thank You! @RyanJones