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Arkitekt of the century dt

  1. 1. Arkitekt of the Century Mario Botta Buildings Designs Bibliography BibliographyBy Maya Brandel
  2. 2. Mario Botta Mario Botta is known for his use of traditional materials such as bricks and stones. His designs are all very unique, he expresses the use of colours, shapes, textures and materials and he adds a modern look to all the buildings he has designed. I have noticed that Mario Botta uses black granite in a few of his buildings, he also designs the buildings so it is possible for natural light to get in. Back to Main Page Mario Botta is a Swiss architect, born in 1943 (age 70) in Mendrisio, Switzerland. His ideas were influenced by Carlo Scarpa, Louis Kahn and Le Corbusier. Mario Botta first attended the Art College in Milan then he studied at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice, which was directed by Carlo Scarpa and Giuseppe Mazzariol. He earns his professional degree at the age of 26 in 1969. In Venice he works for Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn, he was influenced by their work. He begins his professional work in 1970 in Lugano.
  3. 3. Buildings Mario Botta has designed and done major renovations on many buildings I have chosen three different buildings he has designed. Évry Cathedral Bechtler Museum Teatro alla Scala Main Page Back to Main Page
  4. 4. Évry Cathedral The Évry Cathedral was built between 1992 and 1995 and designed from 1988 to 1992 by Mario Botta it’s located in Boulevard des Coquibus, France. The cathedral of the Resurrected is a place used for Catholics pray in a comfortable and silent place. Mario Botta has expressed his use of creative and unique shapes through this Cathedral, it has the shape of a cylinder that has been diagonally cut at the top. The measurements of the building are 38 m diameter and 34 m in height, the diameter of this space is 29 m. Back to Main PageBack to Buildings Mario Botta used a traditional material for the walls, they are made of 800,000 bricks. At the top of the main cylinder grow 24 lime trees, lime trees are the symbol of life. At the top there is a bell tower that hangs on the side of the main building and it holds five bells. Inside the Évry Cathedral is a beautiful space with black granite floor and natural light coming through the vertical glass planes as the roof. This gives the feeling of peace and nature to those in the Cathedral. This is the bell tower at the top of the Cathedral, there are five bells in total.
  5. 5. Bechtler Museum of Modern Art The Bechtler Museum of modern art is located in Charlotte, United States. It is an exotic modern building that Mario Botta has designed. The Museum opened on January 2nd 2010, it displays art from the 20th century that was mostly collected by Andreas Bechtler, the building is named after him. The building is 4 stories high and allows a lot of natural light pass through a glass hall that goes through the inside of the museum, giving the museum a lively appearance. The glass pane allows visitors to see a little bit from one level to the one above or below giving a wide open space. Mario Botta creatively only used rectangles for this design, he designed them over hanging and made them different sizes which gave the museum a modern look. Mario Botta used many different and unique materials, he used steel, terra cotta, black granite, glass, refined concrete and wood. He didn’t only design the building he also designed many creative features inside, such as the café bar, reception desk, hanging lights, and the benches in the gallery. Back to Main PageBack to Buildings
  6. 6. Teatro alla Scala Teatro alla Scala is located in Milan in Italy, it’s a well-known opera house. This building is used for holding events such as singing or orchestral performances. Mario Botta designed the renovation in 2002 – 2004, it was a major renovation to the building and people thought its traditional and historical details would be lost but the opera company where very impressed with Mario’s design. Mario made great improvements to the structure of the building and the sound quality. The hall where the performances take place is a huge oval shaped room with a high wall giving a comfortable open space. The main colours in the space are red and gold giving it a royal look and feeling. Because of massive improvements to technology, Mario Botta added monitors into the seats so the audience could follow the performance freely in the original language, English and Italian. Back to Main PageBack to Buildings
  7. 7. Designs This is a design of Évry Cathedral Back to Main Page Mario Botta also designed: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, in California and Museum Tinguely, in Switzerland
  8. 8. Bibliography • ografia_en.php • tta#Career • http://bernard.lecomte.pagesperso- evry/textes/english.htm • building Back to Main Page