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TWENTE trial - Summary & Results


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A single center prospective single-blinded randimized study to evaluate the Real-World Endeavor Resolute Versus XIENCE V Drug-Eluting Stent Study in Twente

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TWENTE trial - Summary & Results

  1. 1. TWENTE (The Real-World EndeavorResolute Versus XIENCE V Drug-ElutingStent Study in Twente)
  2. 2. TWENTE (The Real-World Endeavor Resolute VersusXIENCE V Drug-Eluting Stent Study in Twente)C von Birgelen (Thoraxcentrum Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands)TCT 2011• A single center prospective single-blinded randomized study• Population and treatment: 1391 patients with stable angina or non-ST-elevation ACS Randomized to receive the Xience V stent or the Resolute stent Designed with no limit to the number of lesions or vessels treated and no limit to lesion length or vessel size• Primary outcome: Target vessel failure—a composite of cardiac death, target vessel-related MI, and clinically driven target vessel revascularization (TVR)—at one year
  3. 3. TWENTE: Results• At one year, rates of the primary end point were nearly identical in the two groups• Rates of each component within the composite end point were also very similar• Stent-thrombosis rates, both definite/probable and definite, were very low, and there was no different between groupsOne-year outcomes in Xience V vs Resolute End point Xience V (%) Resolute (%) Log-rank p Primary end point 8.1 8.2 0.94 Cardiac death 1.4 1.0 0.46 Target vessel MI 4.6 4.6 0.98 TVR 2.7 3.3 0.53 Definite/probable stent thrombosis 1.16 0.86 0.59 Definite stent thrombosis 0 0.58 0.12
  4. 4. TWENTE : Commentary*"This confirms the noninferiority of the Resolute stent compared with the Xience Vin a real-word patient population with many acutely diseased and complex patientsand many patients treated for off-label indications . . . You cannot come to any otherconclusion but that the devices are noninferior to each other." - Dr Clemens von Birgelen*All comments from Zotarolimus stent matches everolimus DES in TWENTE(
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