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CORP trial - Summary & Results


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A multicenter, double-blind randomized trial of colchicine on Colchicine for Recurrent Pericarditis (CORP) for secondary prevention of pericarditis.

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CORP trial - Summary & Results

  1. 1. CORP (Colchicine for RecurrentPericarditis)
  2. 2. CORP (Colchicine for Recurrent Pericarditis) M Imazio (Vittoria Hospital, Turin, Italy) European Society of Cardiology 2011 Congress• A multicenter, double-blind randomized trial of colchicine for secondary prevention of pericarditis• Population and treatment: 120 patients with a first recurrence of pericarditis Randomized to placebo or low-dose colchicine (1 mg bid for 24 hours)a,b in addition to conventional treatment (aspirin 800–1000 mg or ibuprofen 600 mg every 8 hours for 7 to 10 days or prednisone 0.2–0.5 mg/kg/day for 4 weeks)b• Outcomes: Primary efficacy end point: Recurrence rate at 18 months Secondary end points: Symptom persistence at 72 hours, remission rate at one month, number of recurrences, time to subsequent recurrence, disease-related hospitalization, cardiac tamponade, and constrictive pericarditis a. An additional 0.5 mg bid for 6 months was given for those weighing >70 kg b. Aspirin or ibuprofen as first choice, prednisone as second choice
  3. 3. CORP: Results• Colchicine halved the rate of recurrence: 24% vs 55% for those taking colchicine vs those on placebo, respectively (relative risk reduction 56%; p<0.001)• There were also significant reductions in a number of secondary end points among those taking colchicine vs placebo• This translates into a number needed to treat of only three patients to prevent one recurrence
  4. 4. CORP: Commentary*"Colchicine appears to be a safe, low-cost drug for rapid symptom relief, improvedremission rates at one week, and reduced recurrence after an initial episode ofrecurrent pericarditis." - Dr Massimo Imazio"The time has come where colchicine should be more freely used." - Dr Andre Keren*All comments from CORP: Colchicine prevents recurrent pericarditis(
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