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Pdf educational opportunities in it jobs - original

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Pdf educational opportunities in it jobs - original

  1. 1. Educational Opportunities in IT JobsAs much as there is a high demand for IT jobs in Singapore, the need forhighly trained and experienced professionals is also apparent. Those who arealready in the managerial level in the IT industry have experienced thechanges in the technologies applied in software engineering and similar jobs.Unlike in other sectors, years of experience does not give a heavy weight onyour credentials. Instead, you should have the necessary skills and capabilitiesthat the company is currently using. Stay abreast by taking on opportunitiesto learn as much as you can.Company trainingsMake the most out of your current IT executive job by signing up forseminars, lectures and courses. List all of them and compile your certificatesand awards of recognition. Whether you attend a four-week training on a newsystem or half a day worth of leadership talks, the important thing is that youdo not miss the point. Value the technical learning as much as the soft skillsthat you gain.ScholarshipsThe Education Ministry of Singapore provide partial and full scholarships toworthy candidates. Moreover, different universities in the country such as theNational University Singapore and Nanyang University has scholarship grantsto eligible students.The Singapore-MIT Alliance, or SMA, aims to provide scholarship awards to
  2. 2. students who want to pursue master and doctorate degrees in ComputerScience and other areas of studies. The terms and conditions of thescholarship include full tuition fees, monthly allowances and immersion in MITthat covers two-way return tickets.Self-funded studiesSince the route to success in the IT industry requires updated skills andknowledge, you should set aside time, money and energy for continuingeducation. The cost may be high, but it is a much needed career strategy ifyou want to become successful in the IT industry. In fact, it is now more of arequirement rather than an option for IT professionals and executives.Think of self-funded education as an investment. The sooner you enrol in acourse, the sooner you will reap the benefits. Get ahead of the competition byseizing opportunities to study. Search for online courses which you can tacklealongside your current job. If you can spare a year or more for studies, do itnow. Look for the ideal course in the ideal university in relation to your goalsas an IT professional.A worthwhile investmentOne great thing about IT is that the industry will only get bigger and better inthe coming years. It is a rather young field of expertise, so as you engage inmore educational opportunities, you also increase your value. The “return ofinvestment” is high. Career growth goes hand in hand with the person’simprovement as a professional. Although completing another degree doesnot immediately result to promotion, it contributes to your marketability andwill give you eligibility to more executive jobs in Singapore.
  3. 3. And don’t miss out on personal growth as well. Studying does not only addmore skills and knowledge, it is also an avenue through which you canimprove on your attitude towards work and handling different situations.More than the increase in salary and the promotion you can expect aftercompleting a course, there are also intangible benefits that you will gain asyou learn more.