How to be the Boss: Business Startup Guide for Women and Minorities


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definitive slideshow presentation on starting a business for women and minorities

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How to be the Boss: Business Startup Guide for Women and Minorities

  1. 1. How to be the Boss: A Business Startup Guide for Women and Minorities Slideshow Presentation (Companion to the E-Book of the Same Title) www.womenandminoritiesprocurementopportunitie
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  3. 3. To get the most out of thispresentation, don’t forget to downloadour FREE e-book, “How to be theBoss: A Business Startup Guide forWomen and Minorities.”To download, just www.womenandminoritiesprocurementopportunitie
  4. 4. Off to your dream biz? www.womenandminoritiesprocurementopportunitie
  5. 5. Consider these… Purpose Resources Target Market Time Location Competition Uniqueness of your Products and Services www.womenandminoritiesprocurementopportunitie
  6. 6. Afterwards… Find Your Mentor! •Minority Business Development Centers •Women Business Centers •SCORE •Small Business Development Centers www.womenandminoritiesprocurementopportunitie
  7. 7. Register Your Business1. Identify the legal structure.2. Submit your business name.3. Get a Federal Tax ID4. Secure tax IDs and state permits.5. Obtain permits and licenses. www.womenandminoritiesprocurementopportunitie
  8. 8. Permits and Licenses Checklist Fundamental operation license Health department permit Fire department permit Zoning and land use permit Occupational and professional licenses, auto repair, cosmetology, medical care and tax services Sales tax license Other special licenses and permits www.womenandminoritiesprocurementopportunitie
  9. 9. The FundsHow much do Does it suffice?you need?Can you provide Do you still need tofor the financial borrow fromrequirements? friends? www.womenandminoritiesprocurementopportunitie
  10. 10. Ways to Fund Your Business1. Loans2. Grants3. Venture Capital and Angel Investors www.womenandminoritiesprocurementopportunitie
  11. 11. Why having a small businessworks to your advantage?1. You are free to look into the Federal Government’s programs suitable for small businesses.2. You are eligible for grants and loans.3. You have the chance to network more easily with like-minded individuals and organizations. www.womenandminoritiesprocurementopportunitie
  12. 12. How to Register as a FederalContractor:1. Secure a Dun and Bradstreet DUNS number from Register at Central Contractor Registration (CCR).3. Register at the Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA).4. Look for the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code(s) fit for your biz.5. Secure past performance assessment www.womenandminoritiesprocurementopportunitie (optional).
  13. 13. Your Business Plan’s Vital Elements: Executive Summary Company Details Market Study Products or Services’ Details Marketing Strategy and Execution Competitors Operations Organizational Background Financial Summary Attachments www.womenandminoritiesprocurementopportunitie
  14. 14. It’s Your Call… www.womenandminoritiesprocurementopportunitie
  15. 15. For more of Head Exposed’s treatsfor you… Take part in discussions, be in the know and get exciting freebies! www.womenandminoritiesprocurementopportunitie