A+ Tips to Win Government Contracts


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Aiming to win a government contract? Not to worry, for we've got you covered. These A+ tips can move you a notch higher in the contracting scene.

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A+ Tips to Win Government Contracts

  2. 2. Study your target federal agencyO Once you’ve identified your business’niche, you can easily make a list of federalagencies that can be your potential market.O Make sure that you study theirorganization’s goals and objectives.O This will be helpful when you create yourbusiness proposal later on since you cangear it towards the attainment of theagency’s goals and thus giving you anadvantage.
  3. 3. Research on past bids and procurement records
  4. 4. Research on past successful bidders of yourtarget federal agencies.O What were the business strategies of thesesuccessful bidders?O What kind of products/services do they offer?O What made them win the contract?O Are these successful bidders your competitor?O Can you build partnership with these successfulbidders?
  5. 5. Researching on the procurement records of yourtarget agencies also gives you an idea onO How much do these agencies are actuallyspending/willing to spend on procurement?O What kind of projects do they usually do?O What kind of business do they usually engagewith?
  6. 6. Enhance your business’ visibilityO Make sure that your business have a DataUniversal Numbering System (DUNS)numberO Register at the government’s System forAward Management (SAM)These are basic requirements before youcan bid for a government contract and bydoing these, different agencies will be awareof your products and services.
  7. 7. Build your online profile
  8. 8. O Provide all necessary data in your onlinebusiness profile.O Make sure that your phonenumbers/fax/mailing addresses areupdated so you can be easily contactedby federal agenciesO Highlight your business’ milestones andachievements.
  9. 9. Read tender documents thoroughly
  10. 10. O Once you’ve finally received an invitationfor bids, make sure that you read thetender documents thoroughly.O Study the conditions of the contract andevaluate if you are indeed capable ofproviding the needed resources of thefederal agency.O Make sure that you follow all tenderinginstructions carefully.
  11. 11. Create an impressive and realistic businessproposal
  12. 12. O In creating your business proposal makesure that both your business’ goals andthe federal agency’s goals are met.O Make sure that your bid is competitive butreasonable.O Be client-centered: Make sure that yourbusiness proposal stands out among theother bidders by gearing the contenttowards the attainment of the federalagency’s goal.
  13. 13. Consider other options
  14. 14. O If you were not awarded with agovernment contract during your first try,you can still get a piece of the work bysubcontracting or considering partnershipwith competitive bidders later on.O This will allow you to gain moreexperience so you can land your owngovernment contract later on.