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WordPress Lets Me Do It!


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Today I'll be speaking on how to import a Joomla website over to WordPress. This is a 25'ish minute presentation. I'll be covering:

• How to import a website from Joomla into WordPress.
• Choosing theme and plugins specific for the project.
• Developing and working with a staging website using a hosts file manager.
• Website social media integration.
• The love of WordPress!
• And more...

Original real-time video found here:

This was presented at the San Diego Advanced WordPress Meetup presentation, March 9, 2017, seen at

Website(s) mentioned:

Plugins mentioned:
• FG Joomla
• Better Search Replace
• Instagram Feed
• Epoch, for comments
• Redirection
• Video Sidebar Widgets
• The Events Calendar

The Facebook post that inspired this move, "WordPress Let's Me Do It!" is located at

Main topic: Joomla import into WordPress

Video prepared by the website malware removal experts.

"We Love Fixing Hacked Websites"

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WordPress Lets Me Do It!

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