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Portraits: a collection of portraits associated with Cottesloe, Peppermint Grove and Mosman Park


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Portraits: a collection of portraits associated with Cottesloe, Peppermint Grove and Mosman Park

  1. 1. Community History Library Portraits
  2. 2. Doug Hunt aged 11 years. CPM00005 Courtesy Betty Lupton
  3. 3. Florence Rowse with her children. CPM00023 Courtesy Florence Rowse
  4. 4. Gladys Hogarth CPM00026 Courtesy Gladys Hogarth
  5. 5. Ernie Mann CPM00946 Courtesy Ken Mann
  6. 6. John, Maxine & Bob Donnan, 1951. CPM00044 Courtesy John Donnan
  7. 7. Kathleen Malta and Friends. CPM00046 Courtesy Kathleen Malta
  8. 8. Thora Pitcher with Salvation Army Corp. CPM00067 Courtesy Thora Pitcher
  9. 9. John and Gladys Love, 1926. CPM00200 Courtesy R. Mayhew
  10. 10. Gertrude Tierney (nee Taylor) CPM00378 Courtesy Joan Lampe
  11. 11. Smith family girls CPM00850 Courtesy Mike George
  12. 12. Lieutenant Commander Roland Smith CPM00415 Tony Smith
  13. 13. David Waterman CPM00642 David Waterman
  14. 14. P. C. Anderson, 1893. CPM00643 David Waterman
  15. 15. Mr & Mrs Basham and family, 1927. CPM00618 Lynne Waterman
  16. 16. Bruce Gaston, 1946. CPM00672 Bruce Gaston
  17. 17. Alice Briggs, Violet Linnett, Mollie Briggs, 1921. CPM00713 Lynette Hosgood
  18. 18. Mrs Spreadbury CPM00625 R. Delaney
  19. 19. Joan McKenzie, 1964 CPM00775 Elsie McKenzie
  20. 20. Frederick Mann, c1919 CPM01171 Town of Mosman Park
  21. 21. Captain Charles Howe Fremantle CPM01190 Town of Mosman Park
  22. 22. Laurence Stirling Eliot CPM01192 Town of Mosman Park
  23. 23. Captain James Stirling CPM01189 Town of Mosman Park
  24. 24. William & Ellen Gabrielson with baby William (Rube) CPM01541 Rube Gabrielson
  25. 25. Len Hobba and friend, c1920 CPM01519 Rube Gabrielson
  26. 26. For more images visit Search images