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Waste not want not exhibiton at the grove


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Exhibition by Curtin University Interior Architecture students on display at The Grove Library until 12 December

Published in: Design
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Waste not want not exhibiton at the grove

  1. 1. Waste Not Want Not Furniture Design Workshop 322 Interior ArchitectureUnit Coordinator: Wilma van Boxtel Tutor: Lance McLeod
  2. 2. Chess boardbyAnnalise JohnsonMade from industryPerspex off cuts
  3. 3. The Ugly DucklingbyAshia SantelliMade from discarded chair frames and leather off cuts
  4. 4. Sprocket TablebyChristine Dos Santos Made from old bicycle sprockets and concrete reinforcement rods
  5. 5. Hanging lightbyDarcy JonesMade from clear plastic cassette cases
  6. 6. Light object by Jack TooleyMade from and old discarded water bore lid
  7. 7. ReTyred StoolbyJonas Larsen Made from an old tire, a discarded office chair frame and industry off cuts
  8. 8. Waste on the pedestalbyLaura StuckenMade from old timber pallets
  9. 9. Seat by Mathew FowlerMade from discarded chair frame and discarded shirts
  10. 10. Tomorrow The GrandbyMegan Meares Made from discarded hanging baskets and recycled tissue paper
  11. 11. Profile light by Sarah BrownMade from old bicycle sprockets
  12. 12. Light FeaturebySarah Dillon Made from discarded methanol fuel drum
  13. 13. Hanging lightbySonia Ang Made from news- papers and junk mail
  14. 14. Kasahanging/desk lightbyTiia Maunu Made from discarded telephone booth polycarbonate sheets and brass eyelets discarded by industry
  15. 15. Made from threeChair light old woodenby chairsValeria La Pegna
  16. 16. Little Miss Fickle byVanessa Masson Made from discarded timber pieces
  17. 17. Waste Not Want NotFor more info on the unit Furniture Design Workshop 322 pleasecontact Wilma van Boxtel more info on the study Interior Architecture pleaseContact Dianne Smith or call 9266 2716For more info on Curtin University School of Built Environmenttake one of the brochures available at the library or visit the website general info on Curtin University