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3 WordPress Plugin Security Horrors You Must Avoid


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Ridiculously simple and quick wordpress security tips for website and blog owners.

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3 WordPress Plugin Security Horrors You Must Avoid

  1. 1. Don’t Get Hacked. The Grey Parrots
  2. 2. Using WordPress to grow your business? The Grey Parrots
  3. 3. WordPress is Big. It powers 1/4 of world’s websites. The Grey Parrots
  4. 4. Forum Email Marketing Analytic s The Grey Parrots
  5. 5. The Grey Parrots But, Nearly 29,000 WordPress Plugins are growing everyday.
  6. 6. And WordPress security is still a burning issue… According to securityintelligence 1. 86% of WordPress websites are currently vulnerable. 2. In 2014, a data breach revealed nearly 800,000 banking records were compromised with hacked WordPress sites. 3. In July, the same year, MailPoet Newsletters plugin flaw led to at least 50,000 websites hack. While an updated version fixed the disaster, many WordPress users didn’t even know about it their till sites were irrecoverably damaged. The Grey Parrots
  7. 7. Don’t Freak Out. The Grey Parrots
  8. 8. Ask yourself 3 questions to safely install plugins The Grey Parrots
  9. 9. AT YOUR OWN RISK The Grey Parrots Most ‘recommended’, ‘popular’, ‘best’ plugins for WordPress are just sweet welcome notes to some malware authors. A third-party plugin from an untrusted site isn’t really most ‘recommended’ to say the least. Check the rating and downloads in WordPress Official Plugins Directory, to play your cards safe.
  10. 10. The Grey Parrots
  11. 11. The Grey Parrots
  12. 12. Right? I have to pay for premium plugins, so they’re perfect . The Grey Parrots
  13. 13. Bummer! RevSlider is a first-rate premium plugin, top choice among its software peers. But, a tiny- weeny flaw in this plugin allowed hackers to compromise thousands of WordPress websites. Cause? A premium plugin is not easily upgradable, which makes it a potential threat to website owners. The Grey Parrots
  14. 14. 3. Am I Good at Coding? Nobody has to be a tech geek to handle WordPress Plugins. But, for an online marketer, who needs serious sales and conversion, it’s not a good idea to exercise “Beginner’s Guide toWordPress Plugins” on your business web page. The Grey Parrots
  15. 15. So, how to avoid getting hacked using WordPress? Read When Not to Use a Plugin The Grey Parrots Image sources:,,,, JasonTromm's photostream via flickr