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How to Keep Your Wedding Day Memories Alive

Your wedding day is one of the most important and exciting days of your life. You will want to recall every detail and emotion, and knowing how to keep your wedding day memories alive is guaranteed to help you relive the magic. Click through, as Affordable Preservation shares a few creative tips.

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How to Keep Your Wedding Day Memories Alive

  1. 1. Once your wedding has come and gone, there are still many ways to keep those special moments alive. Here are some creative ideas for preserving your precious memories.
  2. 2. idea #1 Weddings are one of the most special days in our lives. It's no wonder that so many brides want to preserve their wedding dress after the big day as a keepsake, for a renewal ceremony, or for daughter or family member. Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation
  3. 3. Flower Preservation idea #2 Flowers add such beauty to your wedding day. Just because they're perishable doesn't mean you have to toss them away forever.
  4. 4. Wedding Card Album idea #3 Create an album with all the beautiful cards you received from your loved ones.
  5. 5. idea #4 A wonderful way to preserve the small but meaningful touches from your wedding day is to create a wedding treasure chest. You can store your garter, invitation, RSVP cards, guestbook, unity candle and more. Wedding Keepsake Chest B&M
  6. 6. Wedding Slide Show idea #5 If you weren’t able to hire a videographer, you can make your own slide show on your computer. Using pictures and video clips from your photographer and friends, set them to music and watch it every year on your anniversary.
  7. 7. Keep your special memories alive with the wedding preservation service you can trust. Visit to find out how it all works.