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How to Colour Your Horse


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Adding colour to your horse can make him look more presentable for shows and competitions. Browse through this guide from to learn how to apply colour.

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How to Colour Your Horse

  1. 1. How to Colour Your Horse
  2. 2. We've already dampened it and given it a light shampoo with water. We cannot use an oily shampoo, so we've just wet it with water and dried it off. So now we're back to apply the Maximum Effect. I put a dollop of shampoo so it spreads evenly. I have a small sponge and you just start in a steady motion over the horse. If the pony has got
  3. 3. a lighter mane and tail, we have to tie it up. You don't want to lose her light mane and tail. We just color her. You must be very accurate. You must get good coverage and don't get it all over yourself or you'll be the same color as the horse. You need some-
  4. 4. one to help; you really need two. One person doesn't get it done quickly enough. You leave this on the coat for about twenty minutes, and you sponge it off. A good tip is to do it a couple of times. A little dollop of shampoo I find makes it cover a bit better. It spreads more. If it’s just runny, I find personally it runs off a bit, but that's just one
  5. 5. of my hints for shampoo. If you have a miss, you can certainly patch this up because this is not a permanent dye. You can patch it up and match it up later. Make sure when you're doing the legs, you get right down and get all under its flanks and its stomach. I know they don't
  6. 6. see its stomach but its amazing what other people do see, that you don't see. So always be aware to make sure its colored really well. But the most important thing with this Maximum Effect, do not use a shampoo to wash your horse first. It is much better to just put it straight on a damp horse.
  7. 7. If you have to shampoo it, do it the day before or with a very light oil-less shampoo. It’s most important to do in their legs, under their stomach. I use this colour for this pony because she's quite a light chestnut. I've got a black and brown mixed together because I wanted to darken and I do give
  8. 8. her two coats. I’ll do one now and let it dry, and repeat them. If you've got a horse with white sock which this one hasn't, you must band your white sock. You don't have to go to a lot of trouble. I will put a bit of sorbolene cream on the socks. When you go to wash it off if it happens to run off, the sorbolene stops it.
  9. 9. You must make sure you get right down to their hooves and the back of their fetlocks and everywhere. This mare has a stripe on her face, so I've got to be quite careful where I go. You must do their ears which they're not really keen on. You just rub your sponge over the ear; you'll find it covers enough.
  10. 10. We don't harass them around the head because they get head shy enough with all the things we do to them. I always think it is good for the young girls to help you do these things because when they come to do it themselves, they know what they're doing when they're older and they've got to do their own.
  11. 11. We've always have young children with us and they're always helping and learning. It's a good way to learn. Practical experience is the only way to learn I think. She doesn't like it around the head much but you've just got to go quietly and a small sponge is much better than a big sponge.
  12. 12. You find a very big sponge saps up all your color. Make sure you do under the under the head collar or you'll have a stripe around her neck like a strap, so make sure you do under there. I can tell you, if you get it on your clothes, it will stain. If you've got a horse that is to
  13. 13. wear a raincoat because I've done it. It does stop you getting absolutely covered and always wear gloves. It does save you. I just keep going until I use all the Maximum Effect I've got in my bucket. You'll find this product, this Champion Tails Maximum Effect product does a very, very
  14. 14. good job. It is very easy to distribute and economical if used the right way. There is a color range in it. There are different colours. I've mixed black and brown for this one. There is chestnut, there is brown and black. So you can take your choice but I find with this mare which I want to make reasonably dark, this does a good job.
  15. 15. Visit our webpage to find top-of-the-line colouring and grooming supplies for your horse.