Dooh Chairmans Intro Update With Vo


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My opening remarks on how to make DOOH signage a relevant medium in today\'s environment

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Dooh Chairmans Intro Update With Vo

  1. 1. Graham Thomas: Introductory Chairman’s Remarks at the Media Week DOOH Media Summit 2010
  2. 2. Blank Screen VO: At a time when people are exposed daily to 3,000 or more advertising messages and commercial messages , it is clear that most of it is treated as wallpaper by the consumer. Any message, wherever it is shown, has to have the virtues of simplicity, uniqueness, relevance and be truthful to the brand
  3. 3.
  4. 4. THE ‘I CAN’ SOCIETY The era of ‘I can’ is the culmination of the long decline of deference and automatic authority. It is the late flowering of individual autonomy and control… In the ‘I can’ era, people want to be players, not just spectators. They want to be contributors, not just consumers. Technology is enabling these aspirations to be fulfilled… David Milliband 2007
  5. 5. the ability and the desire of customers to personalise their media for their needs… to interact in a way that suits them… Where technology is only the enabler… Passive personalisation Active personalisation Dynamic personalisation
  6. 6. A new economic resource – data is the new oil and this applies to media owners as much as anyone else. Using data is how the best organisations achieve competitive advantage. They are at the forefront of creating customer insights and then revelations from data and contextual data and translating this into real action for their brands and organisations.
  7. 7. VO: Marshall McLuhan ‘s adage that the medium is the message no longer holds true. Consumers are not awed by technology, they are only interested in the content. However his tetrad methodology for understanding the effects of media is a useful tool for media owners and developers.
  8. 8. Interaction DOOH Static Location Static Media What does the medium enhance? What does the medium make obsolete? What does the medium retrieve that had been obsolesced earlier? What does the medium flip into when pushed to extremes?
  9. 9. Interaction Mobile DOOH Static Location Static Media
  10. 10. VO: One of the best uses of DOOH that can be seen at the moment is in Tokyo, where the exterior of a new retail space has been transformed into one giant QR code. It has huge impact but delivers relevant information at exactly the right place.
  11. 11. VO: Across Japan, QR codes are transforming interactions between outdoor media platforms and the mobile phone. This is the future of DOOH – as a starter and catalyst for an interaction.