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Putting supporters back in charge


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Matthew Sherrington delivered this session at the Institute of Fundraising National Convention 2012.

  • Fundraising should of course be about your supporters...their giving, their impact, their choice and preferences. This is illustrated so well in the collection of great fundraising in the presentation - thank you for sharing many examples that I hadn't come across previously. A great presentation.
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Putting supporters back in charge

  1. 1. Putting Supporters Back in ChargeMatthew SherringtonIoF National Convention 2012
  2. 2. In the beginning.... Eglantyne Jebb Founder, Save the Children
  3. 3. Heroes
  4. 4. Harry Moseley
  5. 5. What’s going on and what dosupporters want?
  6. 6. Supporters back in charge • Supporters don’t care about your targets. • They care about people, curing cancer, ending poverty, saving lives, protecting animals, defending human rights. • The more you connect them with the mission, the more they’ll do to help you achieve it.
  7. 7. Build your Story around Supporters
  8. 8. Strategy and Story MISSION: what you want to achieve SUPPORTERS: PROGRAMME: Closing the gap What they care What you do about
  9. 9. It’s not about you What What people you do want Relevance Interest Value Connection
  10. 10. It’s not about you ...
  11. 11. “us together” brand expressions
  12. 12. Supporter Mission Manifesto:What it will take, and how we will do it together ...SAVING OUR BIRDS AND WILDLIFE Conservation science; policies andWhat will it will take, who has the best practice; protecting/restoringpower and resources, who can species and habitats; partnershipsdecide, why aren’t they doing it? and mobilised peopleTogether, we can protect and YOUR MONEY, OUR EXPERTISE,restore X DIRECTLY by doing A, B, C. PEOPLES’ ENERGY. JOIN NOW.Governments need to do the right YOUR VOICE.thing, and need to be reminded. JOIN THE CAMPAIGN.Companies/Landowners need to do YOUR CONSUMER nature-friendly practice TAKE ACTION. People themselves. Behaviour. YOUR PASSION, TIME, ENJOYMENT. Attitude. Involvement. DO YOUR BIT. VOLUNTEER.
  13. 13. Make the Mission Tangible
  14. 14. Christian Aid Buy a net. Save a life
  15. 15. Save the Children Build it for Babies Appeal
  16. 16. Oxfam: Tag your Bag
  17. 17. Oxfam: Tag your Bag
  18. 18. Make the Mission Personal
  19. 19. Cancer Research UK: My Projects
  20. 20. St. John’s Ambulance: first aid responder
  21. 21. St. John’s Ambulance - experience
  22. 22. St. John’s Ambulance - ask
  23. 23. British Heart Foundation: Hard and Fast
  24. 24. Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior III
  25. 25. Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior III
  26. 26. Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior III Mr Sherrington and friends
  27. 27. Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior III
  28. 28. Encourage participation. Make it Fun
  29. 29. Sierra Club: Share your piece of America
  30. 30. Sierra Club: Share your piece of America
  31. 31. Sierra Club: Share your piece of America
  32. 32. RSPB: Make Your Nature Count
  33. 33. Greenpeace Chainsaw BarbieGreenpeace Ken
  34. 34. Greenpeace Chainsaw Barbie
  35. 35. Greenpeace Chainsaw Barbie
  36. 36. Greenpeace Chainsaw Barbie
  37. 37. Volunteering
  38. 38. ActionAid: First Hand Experience
  39. 39. Take me there and Show me
  40. 40. Oxfam: See for yourself
  41. 41. Plan: Sponsor a child for a weekend Friday N T xt ight e WEEKEND Thanks for texting. This weekend you’ll see the world with new eyes and discover the difference sponsoring makes. You’ll get your 1st text Friday night. Enjoy! I’m Gladys and I work for Plan in Tanzania. Today I want you to meet 6-year- old Abla – I’ll be telling you lots more about her this weekend http://bit. ly/XXXXXX Send
  42. 42. Nght T xt –S Sponsor–a child for e weekend Plan: e aturday T xt e S a aturday T xt 3 – te t S Linke photo rne ite d Linke photo d Name: Abla Mwanza Age: 6 years old Lives: Morogoro region, Tanzania Father: Furaha Mwanza, a rice farmer Mother: Mwalambi Mwanza Likes: Playing house with her best Abla now has safe, clean water to drink, Ugali is a staple dish in many East African friend, Angesta but many children are not so lucky and risk countries. Maths lessons waterborne diseases like dysentery. Sponsor a child like Abla Her schoolteacher, Madam Zaina Sponsor a child like Abla Registered Charity no.276035
  43. 43. charity:water: we prove every dollar
  44. 44. charity:water: we prove every dollar
  45. 45. Save the Children: East Africa Fill a Truck
  46. 46. You helped win vaccines for 60 million children
  47. 47. I CAN: Adopt a Word
  48. 48. I CAN: Adopt a Word
  49. 49. I CAN: Adopt a Word
  50. 50. Putting the Supporter in Charge 1. 1. Build your Brand Story around Supporters 2. 2. Make the Mission Tangible and Personal 3. 3. Encourage Participation, Make it Fun 4. 4. Take People there and Show them 5. 5. Involvement in the Real World 6. 6. Congratulate
  51. 51. Engagement: creating emotional memories "Long after people forget what you did for them, they will remember how you made them feel." Walt Disney
  52. 52. Quebec Recycling Campaign
  53. 53. Thank you! Twitter: @m_sherrington @thegoodagency