New Approaches to Business Model Innovation


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This is the deck from a talk we gave on New Approaches to Business Model Innovation at the Product Development Management Association (PDMA) Summer Innovation Event in Detroit Michigan.

Many organizations focus on driving innovation through new products and services. While these are productive and profitable sources of innovation, organizations that consider innovating against a broader definition of their business model -- including not only WHAT they sell, but also HOW their business operates and delivers value, will find new opportunities to drive top and bottom line growth and ensure that they stay relevant in an increasingly turbulent marketplace.

In this presentation, The Garage Group introduces practical frameworks and exercises to enable Business Model Innovation:

● The “What/How” framework, which can be used to map and plan business model innovation within any organization.

● Examples from multiple industries to inspire Innovation across unexpected elements of organizations’ business models.

● A templated exercise to capture multiple elements of your organization’s business model which could be prime for innovation.

The Garage Group is a new kind of strategy firm building entrepreneurial processes and capabilities for innovation.

New Approaches to Business Model Innovation

  1. New ApproachesPDMA Innovation Forum | 06.07.13Business Model Innovation
  2. What isBusiness ModelInnovation?
  3. Adapt how youCreate, Deliver & Capturevalue
  4. Enabler to stayingCustomer/Consumerrelevant
  5. New kind ofstrategy firmBuilding entrepreneurialprocesses and capabilitiesfor innovation
  6. Clients...Consumerpackaged goodsFood & beverageRetailersHealthcareInsuranceCommercial serviceproviders
  7. 4 Key AreasInsightsIdeasBusiness ModelsTrainingInnovation & entrepreneurship trainingServices & capabilitiesLearn More:
  8. Nathan Harper ©TheCONSTANTFlux
  9. Need an CC imageKeith Kissel ©
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  12. Giacomo Carena ©But...
  13. valuepropositionfinancialmodelofferingmixpricingpeopleassets productsservicesmarketingbrand physicalassetsBusiness Model Elementsclientexperiencelocation targetclients partnerships channels
  14. TweakDisruptTweakDisruptHow you deliver.Whatyoudeliver.1. Incremental 2. Adjacent3. Adaptive 4. TransformativeThe What/HowFrameworkWhat/how Framework blog post
  15. IncrementalQuadrant 1Tweak What. Tweak How.
  16. IncrementalQuadrant 1Tweak What. Tweak How.
  17. AdjacentQuadrant 2Disrupt What. Tweak How.
  18. ADJACENTQuadrant 2Disrupt What. Tweak How.
  19. adaptiveQuadrant 3Tweak What. Disrupt How.
  20. adaptiveQuadrant 3Tweak What. Disrupt How.Guideshop Video
  21. transformativeQuadrant 4Disrupt What. Disrupt How.Fuel Band Video
  22. transformativeQuadrant 4Disrupt What. Disrupt How.Nordstrom ©Nordstrom Innovation Lab Video
  23. Sounds good in do I practically enable?4 Imperatives
  24. 1. Enable itFrom the TopJeff Blucher ©
  25. 2. ExpandYour StrategyBonobos ©
  26. 3. BuildA Garage
  27. 4. Live inPermanent Beta
  28. The What/How Model1) Identify 3-4 trends/realities from theConstant Flux that will impact yourindustry and company over the next fewyears.1) ________________________________________________________________________________________________2) ________________________________________________________________________________________________3) ________________________________________________________________________________________________4) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________2a) Choose 4 elements of your businessmodel that you arent currentlyinnovating around that will be impactedby the Flux Forces you identified.____________________________ __________________________2b) Capture a few thoughts/ideas abouthow you might innovate within each ofthose business model elements.3) Of the 4 Enablers, which require themost immediate attention? Capturesome thoughts and ideas.Implications for Business Model• Enable it from the top.• Expand your strategy.• Build a garage.• Live in permanent beta.
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