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Service Area Staff - Medical Campus Learning Resources

  1. 1. Service Area PT Staff– Medical Campus Learning Resources Exemplary and seamless student service for library use and instruction support
  2. 2. Objectives • Outline expectations of Service Area staff based on job descriptions and library needs • Develop library knowledge of paraprofessional staff and student assistants • Deliver resources for continued education and improvement of library services for all Service Area staff
  3. 3. MDC/ LR Resources Policies • Computing Resources Policy – o no children use computers o no illegal use of computers o no sharing login credentials, etc. • Information Security Policy • MDC Employee Handbook LR Job Descriptions • • • • PT Instructional Asst. I FT Instructional Asst. I FT Instructional Asst. II Associate Instructor
  4. 4. Library Content • Facility with Library of Congress (LC) Classification o Ability to find and replace materials in stacks, reserves, and serials boxes • Facility with Aleph circulation modules • Facility with LINCC Web catalog searching
  5. 5. Skills for Instructional Support • Familiarity with MDC Learning Resources website o Know content of site o Maintain expert site navigation o Ability to guide students to research databases • Familiarity with MDC Medical LibGuides • Knowledge of Medical Campus electronic devices o iPads, laptops o Borrowing policies and procedures o Basic troubleshooting and error reporting o E-book downloading • Locating APA resources o Print & electronic resources
  6. 6. LC Classification & Shelving Instructional Support • Browsing by LC Subject Headings is a useful skill to teach students for self-guided discovery of resources o Use call numbers to figure out closest subheading/ location of similar resources o Guide students through use of catalog to discover call numbers and then browsing areas o LC Subject Headings Library Operations • Daily shelving is the responsibility of all library staff – in particular, PT and student staff • Stack maintenance is an ongoing organization and cleaning of the circulating and reference collections • Inventory preparation and operations
  7. 7. Using LR Online Tools • LINCC Advanced Catalog searching • Finding library databases for research articles • Library guides for courses/ programs at Medical Campus • APA LibGuide – links and video resources o APA Basics Tutorial from APA Blog
  8. 8. Technology Skills • Many of the questions that • Microsoft Word come to Service Area staff formatting, saving, and are technology related using templates • These are mandatory skills • Microsoft PowerPoint – basic for our Service Area staff tools for creating presentations • Links are provided to MDC • Printing from library CT&D courses and to computers & personal tutorials – o MDC CT&D courses usually give certificates upon completion that should be shared with Library Director o Must be completed at your own time (PT) electronic devices • Wireless devices – connectivity, using applications, troubleshootin g errors
  9. 9. Training Flow for PT and Student Assistant Staff in Medical LR Service Area Library Content Training Technology Skills - • LC & Shelving Tutorials • LR Online Resources Tutorials • Products & Services Webinars/ Archived & Live • Word • PowerPoint Tutorials Professional Development – CT&D Courses • LR Student Services Courses • Career Development Courses
  10. 10. Webinars & Tutorials Technical Services Librarians Matter at Your Library ALA Association for Library Collections & Technical Services 1 hour Principles of Classification ALA Association for Library Collections & Technical Services 1 hour Library of Congress Classification Game Carnegie Mellon University Library of Congress Tutorials and Tests Kent State University CINAHL Plus with Full Text EBSCO 1 hour Introduction to LibGuides SpringShare 5 mins Aleph Circulation Module FLVC