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  • I want start today talking about Platform as a Service (PaaS), and a few key challenges we see before it gets to its full potential.
  • Platform is an abstracted cloud experience, streamlining development and lifecycle management for the developer.The role “Software Developer” is very general, so I’ve highlighted two distinct users of PaaS. Both streamline development, but while ISVs, both small and large, are tackling their SaaS solution, other enterprises are looking it to streamline development in-house.
  • This has become quite a market of platforms, however. We’re seeing diversity on many levels.This is quite a different game than the commoditization of IaaS.Background: start-up IaaS company and so on…
  • The actual PaaS market is, quite young, chaotic and highly fragmented, dominated by a few providers which use and promote their incompatible standards and formats
  • This has led to “PaaS” have several roles and focuses.
  • This has arrived to a few key challenges.How does the developer find and compare PaaS solutions when the landscape is so diverse?More importantly, how can we help the developer avoid lock-in after that initial decision?Portability is a huge concern for potential adopters (reference IDC report). Let’s talk about this second challenge for a moment, and we’ll get back to the discovery challenge soon after.
  • When we break it down, we’re entering a familiar discussion: interoperability & portability. But these have become generic terms, what do we really mean on the platform layer?
  • Withthisslide I wouldliketo position Cloud4SOA
  • What does this mean for the developer’s job?
  • So, how do we get there?Open, expanding platforms? Cloud Foundry is an example of an OSS solution that is growing in support of multiple environments, multiple languages, etc… it’s diversifying within itself! But that’s still A platform. We want this on a bigger level.Standards? We’re seeing this form up finally on the platform layer. OASIS’s CAMP group is focusing on platform management, led by Oracle, Red Hat, Cloudsoft and others.But can we do to tackle it today!
  • Cloud4SOA is an open-source solution for multi-PaaS application management and portability
  • We support standards, but we can work without them. Cloud4SOA uses adapters to provide matchmaking, management, monitoring and migration capabilities, already supporting several of today’s platforms by leveraging their API with our harmonized system.We have a UI that walks you through it, but we also support CLI.
  • (express version, single slides available after)
  • Time is short, so let me tell you where we are.First of all, Cloud4SOA is working today! Swing by our booth and we’ll show you our Beta demo.This hosted Beta, for both developers and platform providers, resembles a full public release that will arrive this summer, started with a service focused on platform search and matchmaking.But Cloud4SOA is also open-source and available to install locally, as well, beginning this Spring, hosted by GitHub.
  • Talk to Jim and me about Beta participation, we’d like you to join.Want to learn more about PaaS and its potential? We have a white paper published by Atos’ Science Committee, where Cloud4SOA contributed.Also, join our LinkedIn Group, as we roll out this release we’ll use that channel to keep you informed of Cloud4SOA news.
  • Cloud4SOA at cloudscape

    1. 1. www.cloud4soa.euFebruary 27th, 2013Francesco D’Andria (ATOS),
    2. 2. Cloud’s PaaS PotentialCloud4SOA at Cloudscape V
    3. 3. Cloud’s PaaS Potentialuser interest in platformsPaaS supports Software Developers inthe Cloud-Based development lifecycle… the role “Software Developer” is very general…
    4. 4. Cloud’s PaaS Potentialinnovative platforms bring diversityWe’re seeing diversity on many levels.
    5. 5. Cloud’s PaaS Potentialwhat’s it looking like today?… “PaaS” have several roles and focuses.… the actual PaaS market is, still young, chaotic and highly fragmented…
    6. 6. Cloud’s PaaS Potentialchallenges!innovative PaaS segment, but alsofragmented• if so diverse, what’s the best PaaSfor you?• How does the developer find andcompare PaaS solutions when thelandscape is so diverse?vendor lock-in!• how does the developer leave aprovider with minimal switching costs• how can we help the developer avoidlock-in after that initial decision?IDC SMAT 2011/0045Cloud Demands and BarriersReportPortability is 2nd most requestedactions to alleviate in Cloud forhigher adoption and investment
    7. 7. PaaS Interoperability & PortabilityCloud4SOA at Cloudscape V
    8. 8. PaaS Interoperability & PortabilityPaaS Interoperability as the Ability fordifferent cloud to talk to each other atthree different levels (Software, PaaS,IaaS)PaaS Portability as the capability to operatesoftware on different platforms without the needfor changesLock-in when there is significant cost to switchcloud vendorsPaaS Interoperabilityat PaaS LevelC#PaaS Interoperabilityat Software LevelPaaS Interoperabilityat IaaS LevelPaaS Interoperability as the ability ofapplications and data to be managed andmigrated between Cloud PaaS offerings that areusing the same technological background butdifferent concepts and Application ProgrammingInterfaces (APIs).
    9. 9. DeveloperDevelopDevelopment /Deployment / RunningDevelop/UpdateDeployment/RunningMigrateMigrateDeployment/RunningDeployPaaS Interoperability & Portabilitya potential use case
    10. 10. open, expanding platforms? flexibility, multiple environments, multiplelanguages, sometimes from differentproviders, but still the same platformstandards? it’s beginning! CAMP focuses on platformmanagement and has industry backingbut for today’s PaaS diversity? but what of solutions that recognizetoday’s diversity of platforms?PaaS Interoperability & Portabilitysolutions?
    11. 11. … support standards, but… can work without them.… provides 4 core capabilitiesleveraging on an adaptersapproach… already support severalof today’s platforms
    12. 12. matchmakingthe problem:• PaaS segment highlight fragmented• difficult to compare, not a commodity IaaSCloud4SOA’s answer:• more than a listing, more than a search engine• can find best optimized platform based on application requirements, suchas technology, functionality, capacity, development support and quality ofservice• empowers the developer to compare and decide
    13. 13. managementthe problem:• different applications, different technologies, different needs: where tomanage it all?Cloud4SOA’s answer:• first multi-cloud manager on the platform layer• allows full governance lifecycle, control over various applications, invarious platforms/vendors• does not replace the PaaS, it accompanies it
    14. 14. monitoringthe problem:• diversity of metrics• enforcement of applications policiesCloud4SOA’s answer:• unified metrics, unified interface – overlooking all your deployments atonce• empowers developer to compare, contrast, test• brings a unique application based user-defined applications policiesmonitoring
    15. 15. migrationthe problem:• vendor lock-in is a chief adoption barrier• developer dependency to one platformCloud4SOA’s answer:• first true Cloud-Based application portability solution• opens market segment, builds on top of PaaS value proposition, alleviatingits chief drawback
    16. 16. Beta program for publichosted (portal) and localversions (GitHub)March-April 2013matchmaking serviceApril-May 2013full public releaseSummer 2013Cloud4SOA’s solutiontimeline & availabilityCloud4SOA is working today!
    17. 17. www.cloud4soa.euConsortiumFrancesco D’Andria and James Ahtescontact@cloud4soa.euFollow us at theLinkedIn Cloud4SOAgroup!