The Flex Belt Simplifying Ab Workouts


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The Flex Belt Simplifying Ab Workouts

  1. 1. Advertised as a miracle worker in shaping, contouring and toning abdominalmuscles, the Flex Belt utilizes electronic muscle stimulation in order to achievefirmer and stronger abdominal muscles; the Flex Belt is a convenient piece ofequipment that uses patented, medical-grade technology that has even been clearedby the FDA. The Flex Belt has multiple abilities thatcause different intensities of muscle contractionssimilar to an intense workout session, and there hasbeen numerous clinical studies done regarding theperformance of the Flex Belt. In fact, 100% of patientsin a 6 week clinical trial attested that their abs feltfirmer and more toned after incorporating the FlexBelt in their daily schedule. 92% of patients felt that their abdominal muscles werefirmer after using the Flex Belt. This product has been known to be able to provideamazing results with over 40 years of experience, and is highly recommended bymany star athletes, and celebrities! The Flex Belt is easy to incorporate into ones daily schedule, and since it is hands- free, the Flex Belt can be used while participating in other activities such as doing the laundry, watching television or even taking care of the children. To use the Flex Belt, users will want to wrap the entire belt around the abdominal area. There is a strap
  2. 2. at the back, and users will want toensure that they are able to attain asnug fit. After ensuring that theFlex Belt is hugging ones waist,users are able to choose between10 different programs, and 150different power levels. Theintensity of the workout sessioncan be adjusted with the controlleron the side. The controller can thenbe slipped into the holder on the Flex Belt, and users will be able to enjoy the musclecontraction stimulation while busy completing other activities. Due to this reason,the Flex Belt can be easily incorporated into ones daily schedule, and will notrequire any additional time and effort as it strengthens ones core.In addition to its convenience, the Flex Belt has been known to be able to help manypeople save time as they work on their abs. Generally speaking, those who areinterested in incorporating exercises that target the abdominal muscles into theirtraining will need to set aside about 20 – 30 minutes of additional time at the gym.This is not entirely practical for many people as they lead busy schedules. Since theFlex Belt is able to provide the same results as an intense abdominal workoutsession anytime and anywhere, it has been able to help many clients save theirprecious time while still allowing them to enjoy beautiful abdominal muscles thatare worthy to brag about.
  3. 3. The electronic muscle stimulation ensures that the entire abdominal muscle portionattains an amazing workout session. The Flex Belt works on the upper abs, lowerabs and even the obliques resulting in users being able to attain an amazingworkout. The Flex Belt features three different gel pads that are pre-positioned in significant areas covering the central abdominal muscles and the external oblique muscles. When turned on, the electronic simulation reaches into the gel pads which stimulate the nerves that are highly concentrated in certain areas. This stimulation causes all ofthe abdominal muscles to contract. Users will experience 150 different abdominalcontractions in 30 minutes, and they will also be able to feel their muscles contract,hold the position, and relax slowly. It mimics the effect of an actual workout session,and the muscles literally go through the same type of intensity. Thermal
  4. 4. photography of before and after Flex Belt usage has been able to clearly show theeffectiveness of the Flex Belt in stimulating the muscles.The Flex Belt is suitable for a widerange of audience. Not only is itperfect as a stepping stone for thoselooking to enter the world ofadvanced free weight training, butsince it is able to strengthen onescore, it has been known to bebeneficial to almost anyone. The Flex Belt is a gentle equipment; thus, it has beenrecommended as a method of rehabilitation by many physiotherapists to patientswho have injured their back or abdominal muscles. It is perfect for those who do nothave the extra time to spend at the gym, and it is even perfect for new mothers whoare looking to regain their tone and firm abdominal muscles. The Flex Belt issuitable for anyone looking to attain attractive abdominal muscles, and there are norequirements in regards to the age group that may suit the product more. It hasbeen known that those who use the Flex Belt in conjunction to moderate physicalexercise and a healthy diet will be able to attain amazing looking abdominal musclesin a shorter period of time. over 2 million satisfied customers, the Flex Belt has been raved about bynumerous media outlets, and it has also been supported by numerous star athletesand actors and actresses. In fact, it has been recommended by actress and author,Lisa Rinna, and TV star, model, and Americas Next Top Model, Adrianne Curry.
  5. 5. Many actresses and trainers will swear by the Flex Belt which increases itsreputation on the market. The Flex Belt has been known to be able to help manyattain the look that they are seeking giving them the confidence that they need toexcel. The Flex Belt comes in a huge package that can be ordered online. The package includes the Flex Belt, the gel pads, the rechargeable power supply unit, an instruction manual, and also a belt extension for those who have a waist exceeding 44 inches. The belt extension will ensure that the user will still be able to attain a snug fit with little hassle. The rechargeablesupply can be used for other Flex products. In addition to the Flex Belt supply, thosewho order will also be able to receive a meal planner that has been known to be ableto provide valuable information in regards to diets and weight loss, and also a bonusone year subscription to either Mens Health, Womans Health, Esquire, Elle, Travel& Leisure or Cosmopolitan Magazine. The Flex company ensures that their clients
  6. 6. are heavily involved with living a healthier lifestyle; thus, they are more than happyto provide the tools and information needed.The Flex Company is also able to offer an outstanding warranty and money-backguarantee plan to their clients. They have ensured that those who use the Flex Beltwill be able to visibly see resultswithin 4 – 8 weeks. Those who are notsatisfied with the results will be ableto take advantage of the 60 daymoney-back guarantee; thus, clientswill have sufficient time to try out theproduct for effectiveness. The money-back guarantee has a no questionsasked policy.The Flex Belt is an extremely effective piece of exercise equipment that has beenknown to be able to provide users with amazing results. Not only does it use a newpatented, medical-grade technology that stimulates all of the abdominal muscles,but it has also been known to be able to provide visible results within a short periodof time. With years of experience behind their back, the company behind Flex Belt isconfident in their product, and able to offer an amazing money-back guarantee.Those who are interested in the benefits provided by Flex Belt will want to buy theFlex Belt online during the promotional period.