Chapter 2.3: Unexpected Evil


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Chapter 2.3 of The Absolutely Crazy Matriarchy

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Chapter 2.3: Unexpected Evil

  1. 1. Welcome to Chapter 2.3 of the Absolutely Crazy Matriarchy! Last time we saw the Chandler family, young Daniel had just grown into a suspiciously polite child, and our heir Rebakah grew into a fairly cute toddler. Who is now being hurled into the air by her grandmother. Nice. "Fwee!"
  2. 2. Uh-oh. Didn't we have a burglar in the last chapter? Or the one before? *checks* Yup, definitely in the last chapter. These guys aren't lucky.
  3. 3. At least the cop wins this time. "Yay! When I grow up, I wanna be a cop like this guy!" I thought you wanted to be a sports star. "Can't I be both?" No. Sorry.
  4. 4. Daniel just got his first A+. I'm starting to worry about him, perhaps he does have a latent evil genius tendency. "Who, me? Never, Miss Fire." Just sayin'.
  5. 5. Rebakah's birthday, and I managed to get a spectacularly bad shot of it. I might do better when she hits teenhood. Daniel seems remarkably unimpressed by his little sister's trip into childhood. "Seen it before, Miss Fire. On the business end, no less." But there's cake! "I never said there wasn't, Miss Fire."
  6. 6. "Awesome! I have hands!" I've had this conversation too many times. Move along, go get out of those hideous clothes and get a haircut. But come back for cake. "As if I wouldn't."
  7. 7. I love it when kids do this. These two are pretty close for brother and sister. I just hope that Daniel isn't secretly plotting to kill her or something. "Of course he isn't! He's my brother!"
  8. 8. Off they go to school together. Rebakah is still fuming over something that happened when she was a baby. The dude didn't even steal anything, Beka! "I don't care. He was mean." You slept through the whole thing.
  9. 9. Getting the kids into private school is a want for both Holly and Susan, so I gave the headmaster a call. Holly, do your stuff. "Pleased to meet you, Mrs...?" "It's Ms, actually. Ms Chandler. You can call me Holly."
  10. 10. Dining, schmoozing, touring. Looks pretty good so far, the tour racked up some pretty impressive points. "Naturally, we now have a very fine house. Thanks to your scrimping and saving, of course." No problem. I consider it a fine achievement, my first non-motherloded house.
  11. 11. They got in of course. Only 93 points, but we had like three hours of schmoozing left if things had gotten close. "Welcome to Veronaville Grammar, Ms Chandler." "A pleasure." Holly, where'd you learn such refined speech? "Surprisingly, from Danny." Uh oh.
  12. 12. Rebakah asleep in her new room. Her hobby is science, hence the microscope. "Zzzzzz..." Yeesh, she's a snorer like her mother.
  13. 13. Here's the completed top floor, which I have neglected to show insofar. Two bedrooms, sitting room, bathroom. Basic, but comfy.
  14. 14. Off to our first day of private school, kids? Nice uniforms. "Indeed, Miss Fire. I feel quite dashing." "They stink. I wish they were pink or something." You'll grow out of the pink phase.
  15. 15. Argh! The nanny keeps showing up, even though I keep clicking "End Services". AND it's a different one each time! This is ridiculous! "I'm not meant to be here?" No! I haven't hired a nanny since Susan was little! She works nights anyways, and Holly's here all the time!
  16. 16. Studying hard, Rebakah? "Yeah. I get to learn all about cooking! Especially chocolate cake. Mmmm..." I smell chocoholicry coming.
  17. 17. I've gotten Holly and Susan to get to making some $$$ around here when they're not working. Holly is painting masterpieces, and Susan is giving financial consulting, thanks to an aspiration perk. They also have the stock market thing every night.
  18. 18. It's Daniel's birthday! "Yay, Danny!" "Happy birthday, son!" "Woo!"
  19. 19. Make a wish, Daniel! "I wish..."
  20. 20. "For..." "Sparkly!" "Woop woop woop!" "Go, Danny!"
  21. 21. "Heirhood!" Uh oh. I smell trouble here. "Too right. I've been holding on to my bitterness over the heirship for sixteen SimYears."
  22. 22. "And now I am strong enough and good looking anough to take over!" Daniel, you're a boy. You have a family aspiration. It wouldn't work. "Two things - Re-Nu-U-Senso-Orb, and telescope." I have plans for you, Daniel. Don't make me break you. He rolled Family (duh) with a LTW to have six grandkids. Nothing doing, Danny Boy. His turn ons are Logic and black hair, he is turned off by fatness. Shallow boy.
  23. 23. "I don't want marriage to some strange girl. I want heirship and alien babies." Daniel, the alien baby thing is a last-ditch effort when no female heirs are born after four kids. We have Beka. Sorry, but you're a spare and that's that. "Say, they have cowplants at university, huh?" Yes, they have then at the Secret... hang on. I'm not telling. "Too late. Muahaha." Stupid latent evil genius gene.
  24. 24. "Skipping, skipping! Lalala!" You're not worried about your brother's plans? "Nuh-uh. I don't even know what an heir is." Let me explain...
  25. 25. "So, when I grow up, I have to have a girl baby?" Yeah. if you have four boys, then heirship passes... gulp... to Daniel. "Well then, I wish for a girl baby when I grow up!"
  26. 26. "Ooh, shiny!" "Go Beka!" "You can do it honey!" "Get family aspiration!" Not a chance, Daniel. She's already rolled.
  27. 27. Our heir rolled Wealth as a want, and her LTW is to hit the top of the Intelligence career track. Doable. "Whoa, I'm sexy!" You look even more like your dad than Daniel does. Her turn ons are cooking and red hair, and she is turned off by stink.
  28. 28. I've changed Rebakah's room a little with the help of the Teen Style Stuff Pack. She still likes pink. A lot. "Zzz..."
  29. 29. Nice work uniform. "For a P.I. I think it's tacky, and a bit... obvious." That's just because it ain't pink.
  30. 30. Promotion? "Yuh huh. Can I go to college now?" I guess so. Take Daniel with you.
  31. 31. "Bye honey. Please change your mind about the heirship. And say hi to your father for me." "Bye mum." I'm worried about that kid.
  32. 32. "I love you, Beka. Have fun, find a boy, and come home as soon as you can." "Bye! I'll coem home soon!" I wouldn't be so sure about that, Rebakah.
  33. 33. "Ahem. Yes. One taxi, to Sim State University please." *crackly phone voice* "Thank you."
  34. 34. And there goes Daniel. One less mouth to feed, one BIG worry.
  35. 35. "Um. Yeah, one taxi, same address as the last caller." *crackle crackle* "Huh-huh. Uni, here I come!"
  36. 36. And there goes our heir, to find a mate to father generation four.
  37. 37. Two have left. One will return. Who will it be? Only time will tell! Until next time!