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5 Things : More Of & Less Of in 2014

  1. MORE OF, LESS OF IN 2014 5 things we’d like to see more of and less of in 2014
  2. 1. Brands creating more meaningful content DO LESS: Content without purpose or meaning. Brands are well and truly into content marketing, our wish is that they continue to push hard at creating content that people want rather than trying to create content and make (hope) people want it. DO MORE: Be insight led, know your consumer and know what is relevant to both them and your brand to drive engagement. Its hard work to get it right, but nothing worth doing is easy.
  3. 2. Turning big data into actionable data DO LESS: Amassing data you do nothing with. Collecting data is only the start, capture what you can but know why you’re doing it and what you hope to achieve. DO MORE: Using data and actually analysing it to turn it into actionable insights. This is what will drive consumer engagement and return on engagement. Push your teams and partners to provide meaning from everything they collect. Meaning that can be actioned, trialled, optimised and scaled for success. ACT, LEARN, SCALE
  4. 3. Digital strategy, not mobile strategy DO LESS: Mobile thinking in a vacuum. Mobile isn’t a ‘thing’ its simply the cost of entry. Don’t silo mobile’s role into simple ‘build an app’ or ‘mobile optimise that site’. DO MORE: Mobile and it’s role for your business should be captured as a part of your role for digital. It should have a voice in annual planning and strategy as much as in your service offering and product development. If you think of mobile as something else to ‘do’ and not the main channel for contextual opportunity, then you’ll miss out on some big opportunities. LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE AND CONSIDER MOBILE AS A PART OF THE WHOLE
  5. 4. Simple utility over involved functionality DO LESS: Accepting a consumer journey with too many steps, hoops and bells and whistles. If you’re having a hard time understanding what you’re planning or building, and finding it difficult to break into one or two simple interactions then you’re going to fail. You don’t have the luxury of hoping a consumer will connect with you through an involved process, they don’t care, nor do they have the time. DO MORE: Challenge yourselves and your teams to keep it simple, how can it be done in 1 step rather than 4, if you can’t answer that challenge why you are doing it. Consumers expectation on interaction is getting higher and higher. Is it Simple? NO Try again YES Proceed
  6. 5. Collaboration as standard, get on-board DO LESS: Fighting collaboration as a standard position. Collaboration has gone from being something a few did (a bit), to a standard way of working. Clients, agencies and partners need to embrace collaboration and understand that there’s a difference between group think and creating opportunity for innovation. DO MORE: Understand your role and voice in the room and participate with the end goal at the heart of your actions. Ego doesn’t have a place, clients and agencies need to work together to understand how to get the most out of everyone to deliver engagement, connection and meaning between our brands and their consumers. WRONG 1 5 1 2 RIGHT 4 2 3 4 3
  7. At TheFARM.. We exist to create experiences and opportunities for consumers to truly connect with brands. THAT’S WHY WE LOVE DIGITAL! Digital technology allows us to continually find new ways to engage consumers and enables us track and measure effectiveness, results and behaviour, which informs how we can improve on success.
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