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FARM Education: Facebook Paid Media


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To understand how Facebook media is best used it's important to understand how Facebook uses social context & the convergence of brand storytelling with consumer storytelling through engagement to deliver tangible results for brands.

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FARM Education: Facebook Paid Media

  1. 1. EDUCATION: Facebook Paid MediaAugust 2012
  2. 2. AGENDA+ Why we Facebook+ What we know about people & Facebook+ Effective Storytelling+ Facebook Paid Media Formats
  3. 3. First - why we Facebook
  4. 4. Why do we Facebook? + Because the people we are talking to do. USERS PER AVG. NUMBER MONTH OF FRIENDS 12 MIL 234* Australian Stats – Facebook Internal Data April 2012
  5. 5. QUIZOf the 12 million Aussies on Facebook everymonth – how many are accessing it fromtheir mobile? 9 million
  6. 6. What do people do on Facebook? + Share A LOT of stories* Australian Stats – Facebook Internal Data April 2012
  7. 7. The million dollar question+How do we get in on all this action?
  8. 8. We become part of the stories+ Brands have stories to tell, so do people. On Facebook, consumers will interact with a brand story if it helps them tell their personal one.
  9. 9. What we know about people & Facebook
  10. 10. Not surprisingly… 92% of Australian consumers trust earned media (word of mouth) more than any other type of media. * Up from 75% two years ago. Nielsen 2012 Global Trust in Advertising & Brand Messages
  11. 11. Which is great because+ Facebook is a recommendation engine with all functionality focused on generating stories, stories & more stories. Stories about brands act as implied word-of-mouth endorsement.
  12. 12. Two big questions+ Do stories about brands in Facebook work. I mean actually drive awareness / trial / sales?+ How do we generate THE most effective stories of all?
  13. 13. Yes – brands can be effective on Facebook Facebook fans are much more likely to purchase, consider & recommend the brands they engage with on Facebook than non-fans. * Forrester research “The Facebook Factor” April 2012
  14. 14. Value of a Facebook Fan to Apple+ A Facebook fan of Apple is worth 90% more than a non-fan.+ Every Apple Facebook fan results in one new customer.+ Fans make up 17% of all Apple’s new customers.
  15. 15. Effective Storytelling: Wall Content
  16. 16. To create stories+ Wall content needs to generate engagement: Likes | Comments | Shares.+ This puts branded content into the newsfeed of fans & their friends.+ The more engagement the post generates, the more people will see it, the more it will be worth to our brands.
  17. 17. Posted 4 hours ago + And already viewed by 35,552 people.
  18. 18. Tips for posts that drive engagement+ Short & Sweet: Posts should be less than 90 characters.+ Pictures tell a 1000 words: Posts with images consistently outperform those without.+ Invoke-a-need-to-share: A post that helps the consumer build on their personal story.+ Strong call-to-action: Tell the consumer what to do – theyre more likely to do it then!+ Keep it simple: Posts are usually viewed in the newsfeed and viewed quickly. The simpler the message, the more likely they are to respond.
  19. 19. Example: Short & sweet
  20. 20. Example: A picture tells a thousand words
  21. 21. Example: Invoke a need to share
  22. 22. Example: Strong call-to-action
  23. 23. Example: Keep it simple
  24. 24. BUT ! Only 16% of Facebook fans see a brand page’s story.*+ Which is where PAID media comes into the picture.* Facebook Internal Research
  25. 25. Facebook Paid Media
  26. 26. Facebook Paid Media helps you reach+ Fans+ Friends of fans+ A targeted but broader audience beyond fans & their friends.
  27. 27. Friends of Fans Effect+ The trick to clever marketing in Facebook is to tell so compelling a story that only some of your fans engage but that engagement impacts their friends. Starbucks fans & friends of fans spent 8% more & purchased 11% more frequently than non-fans who are Starbucks buyers.* * comScore 2011 The Power of a Like
  28. 28. Loosely, there are 3 types of Facebook Ads + Page Post Ads + Featured Stories + Standard Ads
  29. 29. Page Post Ads+ Select the most compelling stories from your brand page to run in this format.+ You can run anything that you post onto your brand page wall but anything over 90 characters long will be automatically shortened & any posts that do not follow Facebook’s advertising code will be rejected.+ The aim of this placement is to generate additional reach & visibility of highly engaging posts & as much engagement as possible [likes | shares | comments].
  30. 30. Featured Stories+ Amplifies the actions of a person with a brand to their friends. This gives the brand social context.+ Actions that can be amplified include page likes, post likes, comments, shares & app interactions.+ This placement is a good option when you have a number of fans already engaging with your content & can be used instead of other ad formats to reach a broader audience than just your page fans.+ These can be displayed on the right- hand side with other ads or featured more prominently in the newsfeed.
  31. 31. Standard Ads+ Should you wish to run Facebook ads to promote a brand that is not on Facebook, standard ads may be the best format. They can link to external websites & display with an image or video & no social context.
  32. 32. Proof that engaging content + Facebook Ads work!
  33. 33. QUIZWhat ad format is this?
  34. 34. AND Dont forget to review the mediaplan!+ It’s common to have more than one ad Facebook ad format on a media plan & as Facebook has changed the format’s names several times in recent years, they may be labelled differently. Follow up with your media agency if you have questions.
  35. 35. Appendix & References
  36. 36. References+ Facebook Ad Guidelines: + Value of an Apple Fan (Satmetrix Net Promotor Economics) + .pdf+ The Facebook Factor (Forrester): + RES70661+ Global Trust in Advertising (Nielsen): + downloads/2012-Reports/global-trust-in-advertising-2012.pdf
  37. 37. THANK YOUContact us: (Twitter & Instagram)