Is this the end of advertising as we know it?


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AAGE Presentation - November 2011

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  • Type of job: The job should be challenging enough to motivate the employee and diverse enough to keep them interested.Brand name/equity: The employee should feel proud of being associated with the organisation. The external brand association needs to be aligned with and consistent with the internal.Relationship between employee and organisational vision/performance: The employee should know how they are contributing to the organisation’s goals and what part they play in the bigger picture. They need to feel acknowledged and recognised.Growth opportunities: The employee should have ample opportunities for career development and growth. This is key across younger generations.Culture: Employees need to feel as though they ‘fit’ and align with the organisation’s culture. Leadership, vision, values, communication and HR policies all impact culture.Co-workers: The nature and type of co-workers influences the employee engagement level. Co-workers also can also have a strong impact on the culture of the organisation.Skills enhancement: Employees should get ample on-the-job opportunities to develop their skill set. Again, a key across younger generations.Relationship with the boss/immediate manager: Employees should value and respect their relationship with their immediate ‘boss’.Exploring, measuring and evaluating these key engagement drivers will enable ACA to obtain an honest picture of how employees really feel about working there.
  • Although many organisations conduct formal work to measure engagement there are also ‘informal’ measures that can help to build the engagement picture:
  • Is this the end of advertising as we know it?

    1. 1. Is this the end of advertising as we know it?
    2. 2. The Bored Room
    3. 3. Three key boxes to tick Know where we are going Know where we are at. How to get there
    4. 4. Know where we’re going...
    5. 5. How to find out where you’re going..... A roadmap
    6. 6. An analysis of the following brands
    7. 7. Promises, Promises ……
    8. 8. Know where we’re at....
    9. 9. Employee engagement researchEngagement drivers• Type of job• Brand name/equity• Relationship between employee and organisational vision/performance• Growth opportunities• Culture• Co-workers• Skills enhancement• Relationship with the boss/immediate manager
    10. 10. Employee engagement researchInformal measures of engagement• Attendance at ‘all staff’ events such as Christmas parties & other social events• Attendance at all-staff meetings• Response rate to the annual employee survey• Visits/use of the organisations intranet• Sickness absence• Number of referrals• Turnover/retention
    11. 11. Let’s refresh ourselves onEmployee Engagement Research• CLC Study from over 90,000 employees in 135 organisations• 10 imperatives identified to maximise performance and retention• Research correlates each driver to the % impact on performance and retentionImprove Performance Improve Retention
    12. 12. Making it real...
    13. 13. 10 Imperatives. What works….. to improve performance1.2. Emphasize Employee Strengths3.4. Leverage Employee “Fit”5. Provide Solutions to Day to Day Challenges
    14. 14. 10 Imperatives. What works….. to improve retention 6. 7. Connect Employees with the Organisation and its success 8. Instill a Performance Culture: Communication, Flexibility, and Innovation and Risk Taking9. 10. Demonstrate a “Credible Commitment” to Employee Development
    15. 15. Real Signs you are getting it right • Employee Referrals • Employee testimonials • Employee retention
    16. 16. Employee testimonials
    17. 17. We know the answers….especially for graduates Communicate
    18. 18. How do Graduates like to communicate? Two way Expressive Visible Broad Networked Informal Ambient Mobile 24/7
    19. 19. The future of communication?• There has been amassive shift in the past twelvemonths• Companies are demandingtools that can help simplifycommunication channels,create great culture and fosterinnovation
    20. 20. IBM Graduates 2011:
    21. 21. Grad friendly Recognition• Fair• Frequent• Friends• Fluid and fast• Visible
    22. 22. At APHS from the poster to the people
    23. 23. Grad friendly innovationOld way New way
    24. 24. Innovation is easy
    25. 25. Lets recap……so we know EVP Know where we are goingEngagement Know where we are at.Survey How to get there through improved Communication, Recognition, Innovation
    26. 26. Pulling it all together
    27. 27. Rackspacers
    28. 28. Real people you can talk to
    29. 29. Fitness Firsters
    30. 30. Fridoids
    31. 31. If your EVP was really true what would it be like?
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