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TheEyeWorks Inbound Marketing Whitepaper

  1. 1. 4300 N. Central Expressway, Suite 325 • Dallas, Texas 75206Tel: 214.988.5493 • Fax: 214.853.9164 •
  2. 2. Turn Your Website into an Inbound Marketing MachineThere is no denying it. The Digital Age and specifically the Internet has changed notonly the way we live but certainly the way we do business – doesn’t matter whether itsB2B or B2C. For example commerce has evolved into e-commerce, snail mail is beingreplaced by email (and at a rapid pace), and in some regards traditional marketing isbeing complemented if not challenged by Web Inbound-Marketing. This report willprovide your business with Inbound Marketing practical steps and tactics you canimplement now to turn your Website into a sales machine.IntroductionNot long ago, companies reached their prospects through direct mail, trade shows, printadvertising and other traditional marketing methods – this is also known as OutboundMarketing. Today there are numerous online marketing tools that in essenceaccomplish several objectives: • You can reach your customers Faster! • You can get a response from your customers Faster! - often times in real time via Social Media. • Used effectively they certainly have the potential of shortening the sales cycle overall. 4300 N. Central Expressway, Suite 325 • Dallas, Texas 75206 Tel: 214.988.5493 • Fax: 214.853.9164 •
  3. 3. So what is Inbound Marketing?Inbound Marketing has a number of definitions – it all depends on who you ask.Generally Inbound Marketing (1) is an online marketing strategy that (2) focuses ongetting your company found by your customers by (3) providing them the specificcontent and information that they are looking for and (4) directly engaging with them viaSocial Media.It’s a relatively new and some would say the natural evolution of the Web. And it’scertainly a departure from the “old” marketing model of Outbound Marketing. Outbound Marketing Inbound MarketingCost Costs more Costs lessResults Less measureable; More measureable; Results vary AnalyticsTime and Effort Less time and effort More time and effort; OrganicTargeted Customers Very broad – cast a wide net Very targeted and narrow – customers come to youTactics Telemarketing, Print advertising, SEO, PPC, Blogging, Landing Direct mail; Trade shows, Inside pages, Analytics, Social Media, sales RSS FeedsMessages/Approaches Hit them over the head many Come to me because I’m a times with a sledgehammer magnet – I have what you want 4300 N. Central Expressway, Suite 325 • Dallas, Texas 75206 Tel: 214.988.5493 • Fax: 214.853.9164 •
  4. 4. Here are some practical and real-steps you can take rightnow to prepare your Website for Inbound Marketing:Websites are for humans and search engines.Yes your site has to look good and represent your company well. It also needs to befound. This is where SEO comes in to save the day. Make your site friendly for searchengines – Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. They have to understand what your site is aboutand what types of people should find your site. Great content is key. Give your site theright content and the right key search words for effective SEO.Websites do not exist in a vacuum.In other words, your site is on the Internet. It’s there for others to see and read. With thisin mind, your site should recognize its neighbors. We are talking about links. Think ofeach link going into your site as a “vote” from its neighboring sites that are in essencesaying, “Yes, your Website is COOL!” But make sure you get the right type of links ontoyour site.Most Websites are flat and static.Have you ever gone to a customer’s or competitor’s site and noticed that it neverchanges? There really is no reason to go back. Don’t let that happen to your site. Blogsare a perfect way to give your customers a reason to come back and find somethingnew – think of it as repeat business. Blogs also are a great way for search engines togive your site a possible higher-ranking because of the fresh content. If your Websitedoesn’t evolve and keep up with your business, then it really isn’t of much use.Websites perform with busy traffic.Is your site like a busy office or can you hear a pin drop? The more visitors you have onyour site the higher the chances your site will do what you want it to do for yourcompany. With fresh articles, an e-newsletter, Blog, news and announcements, you aregiving visitors a reason to stay a while and learn new things about your company andproducts.Give your Website constant evaluations.In today’s competitive environment, your Website is vitally important to your success (orat least it should be important). Savvy customers and prospects will judge you by howyour site looks and performs. Your Website may end up being the deciding factor as towhether you make that sale or win that account. So constantly track your site’sperformance. Your site should be able to match up against your hot shot salesperson. Ifyour site isn’t pulling in the numbers, then something is wrong. 4300 N. Central Expressway, Suite 325 • Dallas, Texas 75206 Tel: 214.988.5493 • Fax: 214.853.9164 •
  5. 5. Ready, Set, SELL!Now that you have an understanding of Inbound Marketing, it’s time to put your site towork. Follow these online tips to make your site a sales powerhouse!Fresh content served hot.Write copy that sells! Write content that is a call to Action: Write and postaction for your customers. Tell them about your influential and informativestory. Also, delete any duplicated content and content for humans and searchmake it fresh and meaningful. When was the last engines.time you bought from a site that couldn’t write acoherent sentence. Everyone has seen those sites that throw up all kinds of words ontheir site in the hopes of getting a higher ranking among search engines. Don’t do it.Also make sure your titles, headings, keywords and descriptions match what’s on eachpage. Don’t give your customers an unnecessary surprise. So start writing or hire a PRfirm or writer to start cranking out meaningful copy that not only tells your company’sstory but also gets you noticed by search engines.The Social Media train is leaving, you Action: Use Twitter, Facebook,better jump on. LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube andYour customers are doing it and your competitors other new media channels in afor sure have bought their ticket to board that train. cohesive Social Media strategy.It’s already been proven that Social Media hasinfluence and reach. It is a new and changing Webphenomenon. But consider this – billions upon billions worldwide are using this newWeb tool and using it to reach out to more people, customers and interested followersthan ever before. Social Media will allow your brand to reach more people. Not surehow to leverage or maximize your Social Media efforts? Work with a trusted partner thatcan guide your company through the Social Media maze.Create a landing area for your customers Action: Create landing pagesto gently glide in. with a purpose to give yourLanding pages are a great way for your customers customers or prospects anto find quick, direct and specific information, offers, enhanced Web experience.videos and enhanced Web services as a servicefrom you. Think of landing pages as a “ByInvitation Only” Web feature. Visitors or customers who go to a landing page getsomething a little more special than the casual visitor. You may have gone to a landingpage and weren’t aware of it. Done correctly landing pages can be customized,seamless, strategic and a great online experience for your customers. 4300 N. Central Expressway, Suite 325 • Dallas, Texas 75206 Tel: 214.988.5493 • Fax: 214.853.9164 •
  6. 6. Hands across the Internet. Action: Bulk up your site withInbound links are like saying “Hello Neighbor!” to Inbound Links.friendly and strategically linked sites. These linksserve to drive more traffic to your site and are likea homing device for search engines to find you. Make sure the inbound links are a goodfit for your company and are complimentary. Also make sure to constantly monitor thesites that are linking to yours. You will build greater SEO success and authority bylinking and monitoring these links regularly.Blog like you mean it. Action: Start a Blog withNow you’ll wish you paid attention in English class. interesting and varied contentBlogs are a great way to share all kinds of and information. Make sure it’sinformation on your events, products, industry on a schedule.trends, articles, how-tos, etc. But they serve ahigher purpose online. They are an excellent wayto bulk up your content for SEO purposes and to engage your customers. If your Blog isinteresting and actually has useful information, your customers will stay tuned and mayeven share your Blog with another potential customer. Thus there are many win-winswith a Blog. The hardest part may be taking the first step to actually do it.ConclusionThese are but some Web tactics you can implement immediately – there are of coursemany others - to turn your site into a sales animal. Most serious businesses today havesome type of Web presence. The most competitive of these have a strategic andcustomer-friendly site that drives results. Remember that Websites are for humans ANDsearch engines. You need to let search engines know what your business is all about,what type of visitors should find your site and what information is posted on your site.Inbound marketing may very well be the next evolution of the Internet. Search engineoptimization, Social Media, Blogging, Landing Pages and Pay-Per-Click all combine tohelp you reach more customers and at a quicker pace. Take the steps we have outlinedin this report to make your site ready and profitable. Inbound Marketing is aninvestment in time and effort, but very well worth it.Contact Us:TheEyeWorks Email: insight@theeyeworks.com4300 N. Central Expressway, Suite 325 Twitter: @theeyeworksDallas, TX 75206 Facebook: 4300 N. Central Expressway, Suite 325 • Dallas, Texas 75206 Tel: 214.988.5493 • Fax: 214.853.9164 •