Lecture Capture: Support and Success Update


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Presentation given by B Bagby at Virginia Community College System New Horizons Conference. Roanoke, VA. March 2012

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Lecture Capture: Support and Success Update

  1. 1. Lecture Capture: Support and Success UpdateB Bagby : Head Media Geek : Virginia Western Community College
  2. 2. How It All Started • Distance Learning and the Media Geeks team up • Determine a basic set of expectations • Solicit opinion from select faculty • Determine a product
  3. 3. Panopto Lecture Capture ๏SoftwareBased ๏Windows & Mac Client ๏Windows Server Back-End ๏Windows Media Based Files ๏Drop Dead Simple to use
  4. 4. What the Students See
  5. 5. Test, Test, Test• Cohort of faculty met with us about once a month• Open, honest discussion of what does and does not work• Experiment with different cameras, mics, etc.
  6. 6. And so it begins... • Official Kickoff - August 20, 2011 • 80+ rooms deployed • Available for download by any user
  7. 7. Success!
  8. 8. Success!
  9. 9. Success! Registered, not actual
  10. 10. Success! Registered, not actual
  11. 11. All Videos
  12. 12. All Videos, 3/21/12
  13. 13. Most Views in the Last Week Ending 3/21/12
  14. 14. How long a video was watched
  15. 15. Total Views by Instructor Total Views
  16. 16. Challenges • Software Based • Requires that we update client when there are changes • Panopto updates several times a year! • Some server upgrades not compatible with older client
  17. 17. Local Storage • DeepFreeze caused challenges • Local external drive • Saved us on MANY occasions
  18. 18. • SD PTZ • Lots more money • Not as good an image • Great looking install • Can zoom in on whiteboard• HD web cam• Dirt cheap (<$80)• Great looking image• Terrible looking install• No zoom, limited mounting options
  19. 19. Administrators Love Pie Charts
  20. 20. Does your instructor record the F2F class? 13% 6% 81%Yes No Not Sure
  21. 21. How helpful do you find the F2F recordings? 1% 2% 19% 48% 29%Extremely 4 3 2 Not at All
  22. 22. Does your instructor record short videos to answer specific questions? 25% 39% 36%Yes No Not Sure
  23. 23. How helpful do you find these short videos? 8% 54% 38%Extremely 4 3 2 Not at All
  24. 24. What importance did the availability of lecture capturein this instructor’s class have on your decision to take this class? 12% 18% 52% 13% 5% Extremely 4 3 2 Not at All
  25. 25. What importance does the availability of lecturecapture in an instructor’s class have on your decision to take the next class? 3% 10% 37% 30% 20% Extremely 4 3 2 Not at All
  26. 26. Some Specific Comments• I dont think enough people grasp it, but I would not want to be without it. I have not used it as much early in the semester, but intend to use it frequently as soon as I get a good time to do it. Please keep providing these types of tools for us. Thank you!• Although the video lectures are very helpful, they do not substitute for being in class. Mr. Lofthus is a very good instructor. It is still important to be in class and be able to ask questions directly. However, the video lectures complement the class because I can go back and view lectures when I forget exactly what was said in class. Repetition helps the information sink in.• Panopto is the best thing since blackboard and should be mandatory in every class.• I would like to see all professors use the lecture recording technology. I also think that online students could benefit from it too. However, since none of my professors has had the inclination to use this technology it is hard to say how much playback the lectures would get.