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Environmental Science (EVS): Insects (Class II)


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Environmental Science (EVS)
Insects around us (Class II)
What Insects eat
Insect Habitat

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Environmental Science (EVS): Insects (Class II)

  1. 1. EVS Insects
  2. 2. Insects around us  Insects can be found almost everywhere in the world.  Insects are very adaptable.  The insect’s head has a pair of antenna.  Different from humans they have compound eyes.
  3. 3. Insects around us  Insects live anywhere in mud, on trees ,on plants or in ponds. Some commonly seen insects are: Butterfly Housefly Dragonfly Ant Cockroach Mosquito
  4. 4. Insects around us  Some commonly seen Insects are: Grasshopper Ladybug Cricket Caterpillar Honeybee Spider
  5. 5. What Insects eat?  Cockroaches eat the dirt and garbage. Butterfly- Nectar Honeybee- Nectar Caterpillar- Leaves Mosquito- Blood Housefly- Spoilt Food Ant- Sweet Things
  6. 6. Insect Habitat  Grasshoppers live on garden plants.  Cockroaches like to live in dark, warm and humid places.  Honeybee builds Hive and live in it.  Ants make Ant Hills.  Mosquitoes are found in mud, ponds and on plants.
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