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Twitter Polling


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What’s the best way to get feedback from Twitter? There are several sites that do just this. Their features range from only one service to a wide variety of services with a slight service fee.

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Twitter Polling

  1. 1. ©2009
  2. 2. Free Twitter analytics applications A review of four online apps 09.10.27 ©2009
  3. 3. Apps Rated ©2009
  4. 4. The evaluation method was simple. I visited each site and registered. After my profile loaded, I took a screenshot of the interface and then spent about 10 minutes looking around the site. A decent site should be able to explain itself in that time. After using the application, I rated each site against my wish list. ©2009
  5. 5. Overview Criteria I sat down with my co-workers and created a wish-list of qualities that we as marketing people want in a Twitter account analyzer. Of course, all the apps have to be free and have no downloadable client. Beyond that, we wanted to be able to: have an easy-to-use interface get the hang of it quickly see how many daily tweets are added see how many daily chats I have analyze subjects I tweet about show the hashtags I use most often show my online follower growth rate show location of followers show who is most often to retweet show who I contact the most show who mentions me the most ©2009
  6. 6. r r e ze rad n aly r ts ter G ter A yze Sta it it ital e et fer ou t Tw Tw Tw Tw xe Kl FREE ONLINE TWITTER SCHEDULING APPS Have an easy-to-use interface Y Y Y Y Get the hang of it quickly Y Y N N See how many daily tweets are added Y N N N See how many daily chats I have Y Y Y Y Analyze subjects I tweet about N Y Y N Show the hashtags I use most often Y Y Y Y Show my online follower growth rate N N N N Show location of followers N Y Y N Show who is most often to retweet N Y N N Show who I contact the most N Y N Y Show who mentions me the most No Y Y N Y Yes ©2009
  7. 7. Twitter Grader Analytics Interface: Pros You can grade your account against other Twitter accounts with a tangible grade. You can also see how many people follow you and you follow. Cons None of the other metrics really work or have any meaning. While the grading is good marker of how well you use Twitter, none of the other metrics are useful. Rating ©2009
  8. 8. Twitter Analyzer Analytics Interface: Pros You need to know something about your Twitter habits, this is the place to go. I’m looking forward to seeing what the Trends and FUN tabs will add to the experience. Cons Some of the analytics get a little confusing. Since the results can be slightly different, some deeper explanation of the function would be appreciated Rating ©2009
  9. 9. Twitalyzer Analytics Interface: Pros Simple to use and provides lots of details. While it doesn’t hit many of the criteria I set out to find, the information it does provide empowers you to try harder to create a fully functional Twitter account. Cons It takes a few uses to remember exactly what the five components do. There are also some loading issues. Rating ©2009
  10. 10. TweetStats Analytics Interface: Pros Simple Colorful The Tweet Cloud is a great way to see what your saying online. Cons They need more analytics to deliver real impact. If you need a quick breakdown with graphs you can use in a report, TweetStats will do in a pinch. Rating ©2009
  11. 11. xefer Analytics Interface: Pros Simple Combines multiple analytics into one graphic Cons Doesn’t do more than one the one chart, most of the information can be found on other sites. Rating ©2009
  12. 12. Klout Analytics Interface: Pros Simple Lots of analytics Influence tracker is a great feature that can’t be found anywhere else Cons Little to no explanation of what analytics mean Needs deeper analytics to show more value Rating ©2009
  13. 13. CONCLUSION While TweetStats and Twitalyzer both have very useful analytics, none of them come close to the depth and variety of Twitter Analyzer. Twitaliyzer’s benchmarking tool is a great way to set goals for yourself. Combined with Twitter Analyzer, you have all the software you need to mount a Twitter campaign and measure it’s success. Because the analytics are live, you can make course adjustments if you see something isn’t working. ©2009
  14. 14. Links Read the entire review on our Blog Check out Twitter Tuesday. New Twitter tips and reviews every Tuesday The Duffy Agency webSite ©2009