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Coffee evedence based

  1. 1. COFFEE Coffee Prsented by: by : Prepared Samar.M.Jamie Samar M jamieM.D. Student IUG Medical Supervised by : School of gaza DrJehad Hammad Supervised by : Dr Jehad Hammad
  2. 2. Facts about Coffee :: Coffee` . Did u know that :: >>>Roughly about 80% of adults in the United States drink coffee or tea daily. >>>Every year in the U.S. consumers spend around 30 million dollars on caffeine tablets and 50 billion dollars on caffeinated soda.
  3. 3. Is Coffee bad or Coffee and good !! cardivascular diseases ? Coffee and loss of weight !! Should I drink coffee every day ? CAFFEIENE!!! !!!!!1!! Coffee and Whats make depression!! coffee so popular !!
  5. 5. COMPONENT OF COFFEE :: The potential bioactives are >> caffeine >> the diterpenes cafestol kahweol >> polyphenols >>
  6. 6. CaffeineCaffeine – 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine
  7. 7. mechanism of action :: <
  8. 8. Facts about Caffeine :>>>Rapidly absorbed following oral consumption .>>>Peak blood (plasma) levels usually with 30 minute>>>Distributes into all body compartments..Pass easily intobrain, breast milk and crosses placenta>>>Metabolized in the liver.>>>Changed to di- and mon- methylxanthines.>>>Excreted in the urine>>Blocks Adenosine receptor (Adenosine is a calmingneurotransmitter
  9. 9. How long it takes to leave the body Average adult – 3-5 hrsChild less that 6 months – 24 hrs Pregnant – 7-8 hrs Smoker – 2-3 hrs Varies between individuals
  10. 10. Caffee and weight loss ::>>>both caffeine and coffee intakes were modestly and inverselyassociated with weight gain. How !!.>>>chlorogenic acid and quinides, are involved in causing weightloss does that mean that coffee can help you lose weight? In a way, yes Exceplanation >> There are 3 ways :: 1.Appetite Suppressant: The caffeine in coffee can suppress your appetite The caffeine in coffee can suppress your appetite. 2.Water Weight: caffeine in coffee has diuretic properties but you should keep in mind that this is just water weight not body fat. 3.Fat Burning :The caffeine found in coffee boosts your metabolism can burn more of the calories you consume burning more calories, fewer of them are being converted—and stored—as fat .
  11. 11. SO More Coffee = More Weight Loss? NO!coffee is a zero-calorie beverageBut !!Adding these substences make u gain weightdefintly: Milk<< Sweetener<< vanilla << sugure <<flavorings<< Skinny Lattes.
  12. 12. The doctor advice : If u want to drink coffee without gaining weight :: U can ask for black coffee and Simply tell them to add non-fat milk and sugar-free flavoring to your coffee .<<ENJOY >>
  13. 13. Coffee and depression >>>linking coffee with depression or lack of it dependson individul reactions, bothpsychologically and physiologically>>>people who regularly drink four or more cups of coffee a day have20 percent lower risk of developing depression than those who rarely ornever drink coffee.>>>similar findings for all caffeine consumption But study does not prove that coffee lowers depression risk -- only that it might be protective against depression in some way.
  14. 14. Coffee and depression >>>the caffeine in coffee does act as a mild antidepressant. It is thought that caffeine reacts with various neurotransmitters, like acetylcholine and dopamine, and helps elevate the mood in people going through depression. But >>>people should try and reduce the overall consumption of coffee, because coffee only gives people a temporary kick, and what follows is to the contrary. It clearly suggests that caffeine in coffee has the ability to increase the release of insulin into the blood reduction in blood sugar levels, low energy levels, depression.
  15. 15. Coffee and depression >>>decaffeinated coffee did not have the same effect >>> coffee reduse the risk of depreesion to women more than men ! >>> regular coffee consumers were more likely to smoke and drink alcohol and were also less likely to be overweight, have diabetes or have high blood pressure.
  16. 16. The doctor advice : >>>If u drink coffee and sometimes u feel depressed and sometimes u just enjoy with the taste < just look how your body and mind react to drinking coffee or decreasing coffee consumption. Just act according to this and u will be fine .
  17. 17. Coffee and heart diseases >>Moderate coffee consumption is inversely associated with risk of heart failure, with the largest inverse association observed for consumption of 4 servings per day. >>There was no evidence that the relationship between coffee and heart failure risk varied by sex or by baseline history of myocardial infarction or diabetes
  18. 18. Coffee and heart diseases Coffee consumption has been shown to have adverse effects ::: serum cholesterol blood pressure, insulin resistance and plasma homocysteine Not always ) higher coffee consumption has not been associated with a higher risk of CHD in prospective cohort studies
  19. 19. Coffee and heart diseases the acute effects of coffee consumption can be different from the effects of long-term habitual consumption. the physiological effects of coffee can depend on the type of coffee consumed not caffeine. coffee consumption may have beneficial effects on other biological pathways implicated in the development of CHD that could compensate for any adverse effects
  20. 20. The doctor advice : Moderation is the key
  21. 21. Sources