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Lansa V12


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Quick Summary of What\'s New in LANSA V12

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Lansa V12

  1. 1. LANSA Beyond Version 11 SP5<br />
  2. 2. Soon to be Released<br />LANSA Open for .Net<br />VLF .Net <br />LANSA Composer V2.0<br />LANSA VLF EPC839<br />RAMP-TS<br />New Canned Plums (Spool file, Notes with Documents)<br />Code Assistants (Excel Download)<br />Excel Download from Instance Lists<br />VLF .Net including C# “plums”<br />Database Triggers implementing repository validations and triggers for non-LANSA database access on System i via OAMs<br />VL Wizard to generate SCRUDWAM applications<br />LANSA for Linux and UNIX (Sun Solaris). <br />
  3. 3. Released in Version 12<br />New LANSA Windows Install <br />SQL Server 2008 Express to Replace Sybase as shipped database (VL development database) <br />Visual Studio 2008 Express (C++ compiler and runtime) <br />DT changes to support above changes <br />Windows VL --&gt; LANSA for System iEziDeploy<br />Deliver LANSA based applications to System i servers from Windows<br />
  4. 4. Released in Version 12<br />Active-X Exception Handling<br />a feature to handle a failed HRESULT value so that it does not cause an application failure<br />a feature to provide access to the HRESULT value <br />Unicode support for LANSA defined files at the database level - supported via SUNI attribute as for current Other File support of Unicode fields. <br />Fully dynamic SQL for SELECT_SQL command (required for support of outer joins and other complex queries that are typically included in applications with the growing usage of SQL). <br />
  5. 5. Released in Version 12<br />Load Other Files to support loading SQL Views on both iSeries and Windows -if more than a single table in the View then it will allow read-only<br />required for better integration with existing databases and where IBM is recommending the use of Views<br />Create tables via SQL on System i (IBM is pushing this for performance reasons since the indexes for SQL defined tables are 64K rather than 8K) <br />Use embedded SQL in RPG where possible for SELECT_SQL on System i<br />Improved support of LOBs in WAMs so that the correct MIME type and LOB content is returned for a WAM webroutine. <br />
  6. 6. Released in Version 12<br />Define/Store “Other objects” in the repository <br />images, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript files, RAMP screen definitions xml files in RDMLX partitions. <br />Many of these objects cannot be edited using VL, they can just be defined in the repository including their default location (Repository value add and allows LANSA to better manage the delivery of completed applications by having all deliverables in the repository.) <br />Support long User ID and password in all LANSA products<br />VL IDE enhancements to provide detailed information for master objects <br />fields in a file, file versions, field length, type, RDMLX flag, task locked to, etc.<br />