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The DEC Education: Marketing / PR


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This class will teach you how to develop a comprehensive marketing mix plan (including marketing, social media, etc.). Discuss what is truly newsworthy material and learn how to identify the appropriate communication channels and publications. Learn how to position your organization and then craft your company message, discuss finding your company voice and how to keep the message clear and concise.

To obtain a basic understanding of branding a new product or service to people who care and want to get involved.
To establish a clear formula for building your marketing and PR foundation using best practices. (make sure to talk through price, promotion, product, and people)
To understand the difference behind Marketing, Social Media and PR and to explain the role and importance of both.
To highlight inexpensive marketing and PR tactics startups can leverage to grow brand awareness with limited resources and a tight budget.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTORS, Joanna Singleton & Missy Wyszynski
Joanna Singleton is a Partner at Jackson Spalding, one of the largest independent communications firms in the Southeast, with offices in Atlanta, Athens and Dallas. Today, she oversees account work for a variety of Dallas-based clients, including Klyde Warren Park. Over the years she has compiled an impressive network of media contacts that have landed her clients in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and on CNN. Prior to joining Jackson Spalding in 2005, Joanna worked in Washington, DC for CBS News and a global PR firm where she became well-versed in public affairs and issues management.

Missy Wyszynski is a leader in real-estate marketing working on the most high profile projects in Texas. Work includes comprehensive marketing solutions for residential, retail and mixed-use destinations including Uptown Dallas, StreetLights Residential, West Village and Victory Park. Prior to working with Jackson Spalding, Wyszynski was integral in starting the Gables Urban division for Gables Residential, working on mixed-use projects in Texas and Florida. Wyszynski spent eight years leading the marketing and public relations efforts for Hillwood's Victory Park project. In addition to retail marketing, she also led the marketing programs for W Dallas Residences and The House by Starck and Yoo. Wyszynski is a graduate of Texas Tech University and resides in Dallas with her husband and son.

PRESENTED BY, The Dallas Entrepreneur Center
The Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC) is an entrepreneurial support system dedicated to bringing together the resources, support and opportunities that Dallas-area entrepreneurs need to start, build and grow their businesses. Launched in 2013, the DEC believes investment in entrepreneurs is investment in the community. Learn more at

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The DEC Education: Marketing / PR

  3. 3. Building a Plan  Set goals  Personal  Business  Strategic  Tactical  ID your target audience  Demographics  Psychographics  Behaviors  Geographics  Research competitors  ID your differentiators
  4. 4. What is a brand? PRODUCT / SERVICE NAME LOGO TAGLINE
  5. 5. Branding – Everything Communicates
  6. 6. Elements of Branding  Mission/Vision/Values  Brand positioning statement  Brand personality  Name/Logo  Tagline  Brand style guide  Templates
  7. 7. Brand Positioning Exercise - Harley  WHAT The only motorcycle manufacturer  HOW that makes big, loud motorcycles  WHO for macho guys (and wannabes)  WHERE mostly in the United States  WHY who want to join a gang of cowboys  WHEN in an era of decreasing personal freedom
  8. 8. Marketing Kit  Identity Package  Business Cards, Letterhead, Presentation Templates  Collateral  Brochures, Flyers  Video  Branded Promotional Items
  9. 9. Brand and Customer Experience  How is your brand carried through beyond collateral  Exterior  Water and Coffee Display  Scents  Greeting  Flowers  Music  Attire
  10. 10. Website  DIY Templates  Best Practices  Home Page Content to include contact information and social media icons  Limit the layers of your navigation  More photos, less copy
  11. 11. Website  Trends  Flash  Parallax  Java, HTML 5
  12. 12. Lead Generation/Capture Plan  Start with a database management platform  Determine the best outreach channels  Existing Customers  Advertising  Direct mail  Events  Social Media + Blogs  Online  Media
  13. 13. Lead Generation/Capture Plan  All communications channels should include a CALL TO ACTION  Sign up to for a chance to win  Register to learn more and receive xyz  Referral plan and gift  Develop a plan to stay top of mind  Blogs  Emails Newsletters
  14. 14. Customer Service Strategy  Customer List   Touchpoint/Engagement Plan  Personal Calls  Thank You Cards  Birthdays
  15. 15. SEO  SEO Basics  Choose a domain that makes sense  Create unique, accurate page titles  “Buy Rare Baseball Cards”  Use Keywords that will help your site get found  Make use of the “description” meta tag  “Brandon’s Baseball Cards provides large selection of vintage and modern baseball cards for sale.”  Use words in URLs   Links to your website from blogs, social media services, email, forums, etc.
  16. 16. Events  Owned signature events  Target audience events  Industry events and conferences  Relationship-building event attendance
  17. 17. Awards  Research and create an award matrix  Pursue awards  Promote third party validation through media relations, social media, website, e-marketing, etc.
  18. 18. Fun Trends  Quick Response Codes  Museums and galleries are using codes to enhance the user experience
  19. 19. Fun Trends  Augmented reality  Live, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer generated sensory input  Haagen Dazs
  21. 21. Media Relations – What is News? To cover a beat To meet deadlines To get answers To break a story
  22. 22. Media Relations – The Media List
  23. 23. Media Relations – The Press Release  Newsworthy headline  Lede sentence should have the most important information  Avoid “fluff,” opting for facts  Quotes should convey key messages you hope to see in media coverage  Anticipate media questions, and answer them with facts in your press release  Post on your website, consider a wire service for important releases
  24. 24. Media Relations – The Pitch
  25. 25. Media Relations – The Interview  Research reporter  Coordinate time and place  Anticipate questions  Prepare key messages
  26. 26. Community Relations  Thought Leadership  Thought Leadership, as defined by… “centers on earning trust and credibility.” Thought Leaders get noticed by offering something different—information, insights, and ideas, for instance. Thought Leadership positions you and your company as an industry authority and resource and trusted advisor by establishing your reputation as a generous contributor to your industry.”
  27. 27. Community Relations  Special Events and Tie to the Community
  28. 28. Community Relations  Corporate Charity
  29. 29. SOCIAL MEDIA
  30. 30. Social Media Platforms
  31. 31. Social Media
  32. 32. Customer Service  Loyalty Offerings  Earn points with modern day punch cards  Crowdtwist  Reward for all engagements from purchases to checking in  Key Ring – No more cards on your key ring
  33. 33. Advertising  Pinterest  Purchase sponsored pins  Facebook  Purchase ads based on geographic location, relationship status, workplace and education, likes and interest  Twitter  Promote tweets based on gender, location and interest  Tracking  Sprout Social
  34. 34. Blogs
  35. 35. Social Media – Common Mistakes  Ignoring social media altogether, because they don't have time to understand its impact.  Inconsistent branding on different social media sites. Talking about themselves too much.  Jumping in without thinking.  Jumping in but not staying in.  Trying to be active on every social media platform.  Thinking that simply having a Facebook page and a Twitter account means they're doing social-media marketing.  Thinking social media is free.  Forgetting the "social" part of social media.
  36. 36. Social Media – Practical Execution
  37. 37. Creating your Marketing Plan