Tania head ethics powerpoint


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tania head ethics powerpoint

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Tania head ethics powerpoint

  1. 1.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcKI p-PR4XM
  2. 2.  One of only 19 people from at or above the point of impact who managed to survive the attack on the South tower of the World Trade Center. Her fiance died during the collapse of the North tower. Americans and people worldwide felt compassion toward her and her story of survival. She became the face of the 9/11 survivors.
  3. 3. 9/11 Faker!
  4. 4.  She was not even in America during the attacks! She was in Barcelona, Spain. Tania came from a wealthy family, but had a bad reputation for lying and deceiving people back in Spain. Her real name is Alicia Esteve Head. She didn’t have a fiance in the North tower; she didn’t have a fiance at all…
  5. 5.  Tania joined the World Trade Center Survivors’ Network and eventually rose to president of the organization. She organized meetings for the group and donated her own money to help support the cause. Tania was the first person to gain access to Ground Zero on behalf of the survivors. She gave the initial tour of Ground Zero when the leading politicians opened the tribute center in the eyes of the world press.
  6. 6. Is it ever right to lie, even if you are helping others?
  7. 7. -Tania Head - - True Survivors - - American Citizens -- People directly or indirectly involved - - WTCSN - - Public Figures - - The Press -
  8. 8. Immediacy and Thoroughness!Is it so important to get the story printed and delivered so quickly that the information being presented has not been checked for validity?
  9. 9. Truthfulness, thoroughness, impactmagnitude, human interest, humanness, and immediacy! People wanted heroes. People wanted success stories.People wanted a reason to feel better following the devastating events on September 11th.People wanted exactly what Tania was giving.
  10. 10. Favored By: Harmful To: The Press Tania Head The PublicThe WTC survivors
  11. 11. Favored By: Harmful To: Tania Head Temporarily: Long Term: The Press The Press The Public The PublicThe WTC survivors The WTC survivors
  12. 12. Favored By: The Press The Public The WTC survivorsTania Head
  13. 13.  By taking her side without question, more people were harmed than helped. Virtually everyone involved but Tania was affected by the revealing of her expansive network of lies. Taking a neutral stance and sticking to the code while investigating a story would have only left Tania getting hurt, depending on the time frame of the lies being discovered.
  14. 14.  While in a rush to honor immediacy, thoroughness was tossed aside for the want of printing a good story. If thoroughness had been applied, neutrality would have been challenged.
  15. 15. Seek Truth and Report It
  16. 16.  Test the accuracy of information from all sources and exercise care to avoid inadvertent error. Deliberate distortion is never permissible. “Public Trust: Professional electronic journalists should recognize that their first obligation is to the public.”
  17. 17. Mill’s Principle of Utility: Support“Seek the greatesthappiness for the greatest number.” Aristotle’s Mean: Support “Moral virtue is a middle state determined by practical wisdom.” Kant’s Categorical Imperative: What is right must be done regardless of circumstances.
  18. 18. Kant’s Categorical Imperative: Reject “Act only on that maxim whereby at the same time will that it should become an universal law.”Mill’s Principle of Utility: Support/Reject “Seek the greatest happiness for the greatest number.” Rawl’s Veil of Ignorance: Support “Behind the Veil” Islam’s Divine Commands: Reject “Justice, Human Dignity and Truth are the Unconditional Duties.” Aristotle’s Mean: Rejects “Moral virtue is amiddle state determined by practical wisdom.”
  19. 19. Aristotle’s Mean: Support “Moralvirtue is a middle state determined by practical wisdom.” Mill’s Principle of Utility: Support “Seeking the greatest happiness for the greatest number.” Kant’s Categorical Imperative: Support “Act only on that maximwhereby at the same time will that it should become an universal law.”
  20. 20. EXPOSE
  21. 21.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfY QfeLuSrQ&feature=youtu.be