Originality and creativity


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Originality and creativity

  1. 1. + Originality And Creativity By Johnathan Lo
  2. 2. + Why Did I Choose Webs.com as my host I chose webs.com because I feel that webs provided a cheap and good website. Other website builders are ok but some of them are very bland like ucoz.com their designs are very bland. Dreamweaver is also good website builder but you have to download an application for it and you have to pay for the application so I felt that was very annoying and I didn’t use it.
  3. 3. + Why Did I Use My Color Scheme I chose blue, yellow and black for my color scheme because it is very futuristic and matches the theme of my website I am making: a gadget site. These colors are contrasting colors and match and complement each other very well.
  4. 4. + Why Did I Choose My Image I chose this picture because I feel that this represents gadgets really well. What I mean by that is every aspect of gadget is represented very well for example you have an iPod Shuffle, a mouse, a video game and a computer. All these are gadgets
  5. 5. + Why Did I Choose My Image There are many phones in this photo that is why I picked the picture. I feel a picture that represents phone shouldn’t be just the best phone in the world like the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3, but should be every phone because not everyone uses an iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3.
  6. 6. + Why Did I Choose My Image I chose the image because it looks at all faucets of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the size of the screen, the thinness, the plastic, the shine, the high quality screen.
  7. 7. + Why Did I Choose My Image I chose this picture because this best describes the iPhone 5’s new features that distinguish it from the previous generations of iPhone such as the new screen which is longer and more spacious for large hands and retina display screen.
  8. 8. + Why Did I Use A Particular Font I used this font for my banner because it best represents gadgets as it is futuristic in my opinion. It also contrasts with the back ground which I love.
  9. 9. + Why Did I Use A Particular Font I feel that it matches the theme, Gadget and it contrast to blue.
  10. 10. + I think this is a good navigation system because everything is one click away.