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HUS352 Interventions for Families with Children.

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  • These Red Cross Volunteers came from Mexico to help (upper left corner)
  • This is our flyer for the benefit supper we held two weeks in a row.
  • Inside the restaurant where our fundraiser dinner took place and where we placed a donation box.
  • A few of the staff that was so very generous to Jason and I as we collected donations.
  • Hus352.ppt

    1. 1. Hus 352 - AdvocacyBy: Jason White Project
    2. 2. Project Hurricane Sandy: Helping the families & Individuals whose lives have been disrupted.•When Jason and I first started thinking about our project we were in manydifferent avenues of what to do, It wasn’t until after Hurricane Sandy that we gotour inspiration. A local restaurant: The Courtyard Café, heard about our projectfrom a former classmate, and was more than excited to help us. With the use oftheir facility and the ability to advertise through them, social network sites, theradio station and TV; our efforts to help was just beginning. The Red Cross wasworking very hard everyday to provide relief to the victims of Hurricane Sandy allover the East Coast.•We collected mostly clothing, blankets, shoes and monetary donations that wewill be giving to the Red Cross to go towards our effort to help. We are stillgetting donations as we speak. 
    3. 3. Hurricane Sandy’s affect on Maine: •Sandy tore through the East Coast leaving many without power, major flooding and complete devastation for some families, whose homes had been destroyed. •The devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, brought much attention to the east coast and we got to see the real meaning of helping your neighbor.• Through fundraising ,donations and volunteers; people from all over are coming to theEastern states to help re build and provide support for those whose lives have been affected.By offering places to stay, shelter and clothing.
    4. 4. The American Red Cross“Non-Profit Organization:The American Red Crossprevents and alleviates humansuffering in the face ofemergencies by mobilizing thepower of volunteers and thegenerosity of donors.”• The Red Cross Pine TreeChapter covers the Aroostookcounty area and there areoffices located in Bangor &Caribou.• We have contacted them topick up our donations but weare still receiving donations, sowe have not set an official pick date.
    5. 5. Helping the Individuals and Families affected by Hurricane Sandy Spaghetti Supper.Where: The Courtyard Café 61 Main Street, HoultonTime: 5pm-8pmWhen: Thursday- November 8 2012Fee: $12.00 a plate and a portion of the proceeds will go to theRed Cross to give to the individuals and familiesPlease come out and join us!!Thank you so much from,The Courtyard Café, Red Cross, Esha Stover and Jason WhiteIf you would love to help, but cannot attend the event; you can contact Esha Stover & Jason White for moreways you can get involved.(207) 267- 5565
    6. 6. Customers came out to donate to our cause by ordering the Spaghetti Dinner and adding donations to our box of goods.ThesewonderfulLadies not onlycelebrated a
    7. 7. Jason: I could say that I learned a lotduring this project. One of the mostsurprising is that the paper and thepresentation themselves became less ofa priority as the project began toevolve. By that I mean that we werevery concerned about each portion of theproject initially. Looking back, after we
    8. 8. Esha: I learned so much from this project andas Jason said it became less of a project as wecontinued into it. One thing that this projecthas taught me is how to be more thankful, thepeople affected by hurricane sandy will have along road ahead of them to recover, and I amvery thankful that Jason and I got to be a partof it. I think you learn to value life and thingsyou have when you are hands on in a projectlike this. We are glad that people in our
    9. 9. Ways to get involved: Chapters in Southern Maine:Regional Headquarters: United Valley:American Red Cross of Southern Maine 1180 Lisbon Street, Suite 22401 Congress Street Lewiston, ME 04240Portland, ME 04102 Phone: (207) 874-1192 Phone: (207) 795-4004 Toll Free: (877) 372-7363 Fax: (207) 874-1976 Mid Coast Chapters: 16 Community Way Phone: (207) 729-6779 Topsham, ME 04086 Phone: (207) 563-3299 Fax: (207) 729-2738 Pine Tree Chapters:73 Hammond Street, Suite 1 Aroostook County OfficeBangor, ME 04401 7 Hatch Drive, Suite 250 Phone: 207-493-4620 Phone: 207-941-2903 Caribou, ME 04736 Fax: 207-493-4869 Fax: 207-941-2906
    10. 10. Jason & I want to saythank you to everyonethat has made ourproject a possibility,from the staff at theCourtyard café. Theowner Joyce and herhusband, everyone whodonated and those whoare still continuing todo so and The RedCross volunteers. This