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HUS352 Interventions for Families with Children

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  1. 1. HUS352 Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser Advocacy Statement: TheHurricane Sandy Fundraiser is a community supported all volunteer effort to provide financial support, blankets, and clothing items for the victims of this disaster.
  2. 2. Advocacy Statement The Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser is a community supported all volunteer effort to provide financial support, blankets, and clothing items for the victims of this disaster. This effort is a small gesture from members of our local community, toward an area that will be recovering for years to come. In Houlton, on November 8th and 15th, two fundraisers were organized to help victims affectedby Hurricane Sandy. A few weeks ago Houlton HUS352 students contacted a local café in theHoulton area about how to combine a fundraiser with the local eatery. Immediately aftermeeting with the owner and brainstorming about some ideas, she appeared very accepting of thegesture and offered her establishment’s resources completely. Joyce and her husband are thecurrent owners of The Courtyard Café –located in historic Market Square at 61 Main Street inHoulton. This business is a popular local establishment that has been made popular by theirsoups, sandwiches, appetizers, entrees, wines, and décor. They offer take out and have anamazing Thursday “Pizza and Pasta Night”! 2
  3. 3. Joyce had offered to advertise the café s spaghetti dinner as $12.oo a plate and donate otherportions of the evenings’ proceeds toward the relief effort. In addition to her already impressivegesture, she also allowed us to place a donation box at the restaurant’s entrance –to accept hats,mittens, pants, blankets, etc. In addition to the donation box at the café, another box was alsoplaced at the Houlton Higher Education Center lobby. Our plan was to submit all collected funds, blankets, and clothing items to the local AmericanRed Cross office to use specifically for those affected by the super storm. In response to theeffects of Hurricane Sandy, as of November 13, the American Red Cross ARC) has launchedrelief operations in 10 states, including the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. These effortshave included more than 300 response vehicles, served over 5.3 million meals and snacks,distributed more than 1.3 million relief items, and deployed 5,800 trained disaster workers.Volunteers bring supplies to the countless Yuri, 2, cuddles her new teddy, givenvictims waiting for relief resources in com- to her by a Red Cross volunteer, as themunities up and down the East Coast. Red Cross distributes relief goods to super storm Sandy-affectedfamilies in Atlantic City, New 3
  4. 4. Jersey. November 11,2012 In the two nights that we held the fundraiser at The Courtyard Café we raised over $200.oo inproceeds donated from Joyce and also checks and cash that she received from many of herpatrons over the last two weeks who wanted to help with the effort. In addition to financialresources, we collected over 100 lbs of clothing and blankets as well. The first night we receivedabout a dozen pairs of men’s pants and raised about $50.oo, so we are thrilled to now havemultiple items to add to the total collected. The last day that we check our donation boxes wehad also received blankets, women’s sweaters, kid’s clothes, shoes, belts, sweatshirts, hats,mittens, gloves, and other sensible and thoughtful items. Living in Northern Maine, we learned that our “local” American Red Cross office is inBangor -2 hours from where we attend our Monday evening HUS352 course –via ITV. At thetime of typing this document we have not scheduled a time to have our items or dollars picked up–but this for an excellent reason. Ehsa Stover is still receiving even more clothing donations toadd! Perhaps, by the time the presentation portion of this report is viewed by our classmates, wewill have some final numbers to share. However, I was just sharing with my classmate that I wasnot concerned that we were still taking in donation items, I was very proud! That being said, I could say that I learned a lot during this project. One of the most surprisingis that the paper and the presentation themselves became less of a priority as the project began toevolve. By that I mean that we were very concerned about each portion of the project initially.Looking back, after we decided on the direction of the project, it created itself and we were able 4
  5. 5. to focus on the leg-work of the project. This was a great experience for each of us.I chose to write the paper and Esha chose to work on the PowerPoint presentation. When wewere at The Courtyard Café Esha created some place-setting cards to notify patrons that portionsof the evening’s proceeds would go to victims of Hurricane Sandy. I helped wrap some plastic-ware for the evening’s to go orders and took pictures of the location with Esha. Esha createdsome excellent fliers that we handed out in each of our communities.Esha lives 20 minutes outside of Houlton (where Jason lives), in Island Falls. I decided to takethe fliers to our local radio station (WHOU 100.1 FM) and our local cable company for someadditional advertisement. Esha set up our donation boxes and brought in additional items fromher town to add to them. 5
  6. 6. In creating the fundraiser and the course project requirements we used multiple forms ofcommunication and technology. We used email, phone calls, written messages, text messages,and meeting in-person –often. I was happy to have the use of my child-like obsession withtechnology benefit the course as I was juggling many things with Esha over the past weeks. Wesent photos, information, ideas, updates, fliers, etc between our laptops, smart phones, tabletsp.c.’s, and land lines. One of the other things that we realized in taking part in this effort, was that though thisdisaster struck our Eastern Coastline at the end of October, we were certainly not too late to help.People will be recovering from these effects for years to come and all forms of aid will make adifference to some family –just as the teddy-bear made a difference to Yuri. Our sincere thanks go to Joyce and her staff at The Courtyard Café and the Bangor AmericanRed Cross offices and staff. Thank you to our advertising help from WHOUfm, Polaris Cable,The Houlton Pioneer Times, Paradi’s Houlton Shop N’ Save, The Houlton Cary Library, and TheHoulton Higher Education Center. Images were supplied by Esha Stover, Jason White, .Jason WhiteEsha StoverHoulton Higher Education Center 6