Intelligent Contet Here And Now


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Intelligent content. It sounds so futuristic, and yet, it\'s not. The methods, standards and technologies needed to create intelligent content solutions are here today.

This session will showcase examples of intelligent content found both on the world wide web and in private and government organizations today. Attendees will discover several innovative and useful examples that leverage the power of structured content to provide improved service, lower costs, and reduce effort. Real-world examples will be provided.

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Intelligent Contet Here And Now

  1. 1. Intelligent Content <here> & <now> presented by Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler at Intelligent Content 2009 January 29-30, 2009, Palm Springs, CA USA
  2. 2. Inefficient <problem>
  3. 3. Incongruent <problem>
  4. 4. Incompatible <problem>
  5. 5. Invisible <problem>
  6. 6. Dumb <problem>
  7. 7. Mediocre <problem>
  8. 8. Wasteful <problem>
  9. 9. Backwards <problem>
  10. 10. Error-prone <problem>
  11. 11. IC <what is it?>
  12. 12. “IC is content that expresses its full meaning in a way that is both openly accessible both to applications and to people.” Joe Gollner, Stilo
  13. 13. AT&T <example>
  14. 14. Process <problem>
  15. 15. Silos <problem>
  16. 16. Disparity <problem>
  17. 17. Cost <problem>
  18. 18. Frustration <problem>
  19. 19. “Nothing can destroy a business relationship quicker than promising an action will occur— and then it doesn’t.” Timothy Brady,
  20. 20. UPS <example>
  21. 21. <example>
  22. 22. Snap Shots <example>
  23. 23. Genius Bar <example>
  24. 24. Shazam <example>
  25. 25. Apple <document choreography>
  26. 26. Businesses use documents to organize interactions with each other and to package the information needed to carry out a transaction or other meaningful unit of business
  27. 27. Document choreography is a complex and carefully managed series of document exchanges over a period of time that may range from minutes to years
  28. 28. For information to flow efficiently from one type of document to another in this chain of related documents, there must be common content components that are reused
  29. 29. Documents and data are part of a continuum known as the Document Type Spectrum: catalogs, mortgages, RFPs contain both narrative and transactional features.
  30. 30. Flow <it’s all about the flow>
  31. 31. Automation <working faster, better>
  32. 32. “A virtual company created by using services provided by separate businesses can be created more rapidly, more flexibly, and at a lower cost than a traditional store can.” Bob Glushko, Author, Document Engineering
  33. 33. your turn <how might you use IC?>
  34. 34. contact <Scott Abel> 317.409.0839
  35. 35. Intelligent Content <here> & <now> presented by Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler at Intelligent Content 2009 January 29-30, 2009, Palm Springs, CA USA