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Dita In A Small Shop


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This session will help anyone who is considering using DITA, especially if resources are limited. Maybe you've researched DITA. Maybe it all seems intimidating. In this session you'll hear how a small DITA pilot project became a successful business case.

The Hughes documentation team was producing numerous manuals with common content but also differences based on product models and audience. The team realized the traditional methods they were using were inefficient and were not reliable for producing consistent and accurate manuals. Hughes solved these problems through single sourcing and DITA and is now on track with a successful implementation.

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Dita In A Small Shop

  1. 1. Author’s note This presentation was originally designed as a visual aid. This copy has been modified to be more meaningful as a standalone document. Some speaker's notes have been added as text.
  2. 2. Session objectives I would like to encourage you that you can learn about and figure out how to use DITA. I want to show you—not just talk about— some of the things you do on your computer to create DITA documents. At one DITA conference I heard so much about DITA, but I was struggling with, how the heck does this work? What do you do? I hope to explain in overview fashion how we went from zero DITA/XML knowledge to being able to publish four DITA documents within a year. This is how we did it. You will have to figure out what works in your situation. I will tell you what worked in our situation.