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Heated mattress pad vs heated blanket


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Heated mattress pad vs heated blanket

  1. 1. Heated Mattress Pad vs. Heated BlanketWhen colder temperatures roll in and sweaters are hung out, it can be a harsh shock toclimb into a frigid bed at the end of a long day. Turning the thermostat up might seem like areasonable answer, but this solution’s appeal dims when the electric bill arrives the next month.Instead of paying to heat your entire house when all you care about is heating your bed, considerinvesting in a heated mattress pad or a heated blanket. Using a heated blanket or a heatedmattress pad can actually save you money by lowering your heating costs. One of these optionsis sure to deliver a warm and cozy resting environment.Heated BlanketTraditionally, heated blankets have been a popular choice for people looking to get warm.You can purchase heated blankets in a variety of styles and fabrics, including fleece, microplush,and microfiber. Heated blankets come with a control unit that allows you to control thetemperature and most have the added function of a timer that turns theblanket off after a certain amount of time. Of course, as with anyproduct, heated blankets have their pros and cons.Heated blankets are extremely convenient. You can use one anywhere and anytime youneed a little extra warmth. Although some models require you to plug the blanket in to an outlet,there are many battery-operated models available. It’s also easy to remove a heated blanket onceyou are warm enough. If you get too hot, simply turn off the blanket and put it aside. Heatedblankets are also quite affordable and you can find models that fit practically any budget.Of course, you will need to wait a couple of minutes for the blanket to heat up before use.Heated blankets also radiate their heat upward and away from your body, so some of the heat is
  2. 2. wasted. You also need to be careful not to ball up your heated blanket while it is turned on as thiscan lead to over-heating and, in some cases, scorches or even fires. Finally, since these areblankets, you can expect the usual wear and tear associated with using any kind of linen.Overall, heated blankets are a convenient and cost-effective way to keep warm in coolertemperatures. With proper use and care, they provide a simple alternative to turning up thethermostat.Heated Mattress PadsAnother great solution to the problem of cold bed linens is to purchase a heated mattresspad. Heated mattress pads fit snugly over your mattress. You then top them with your usual fittedsheet. These mattress pads allow you to control the temperature and the amount of time you wantthe pad to stay turned on. Some models even allow you to set different temperatures for each sideof the bed.With a heated mattress pad, you can turn the pad on asyou’re getting ready for bed and have a comfortably heated bedwaiting for you by the time you’re done. Although both heatedblankets and heated mattress pads will save you money on yourheating bill, heated mattress pads are actually more efficient. Because the pad lies underneathyou and your fitted sheet, the heat generated is contained by your body and whatever sheets orcomforters you choose to cover your body on the top. This means that less heat is lost than whenyou use a heated blanket. Heated mattress pads are also inherently safer. Since they are spreadflat against your mattress, there is little risk for over-heating or scorching. Another advantage totheir flat and fitted design is that there is very little wear and tear, making them very durable. A
  3. 3. final plus to heated mattress pads is that they do not become an eye sore. Once the pad is fittedover your mattress, you are free to choose whatever sheets and comforters appeal to your designsensibility.There are some minor cons associated with using a heated mattress pad. One issue is thatit is limited to bed use. If you want to get warm while sitting in another area of your home orwhile out and about, you might want to consider purchasing a heated blanket instead. Somepeople also complain that they can feel the heating coils in the mattress pad underneath themwhile they are sleeping. However, there are many heated mattress pads available with ultra-thinwiring and mattress pad designs are constantly improving. Once you’ve covered the pad withyour fitted sheet, these pads should not provide any discomfort while you rest.If you’re looking to get warm, but no increase your heating bills, consider a heatedblanket or a heated mattress pad. Either option will have you cozy and saving money in no time.Josh Chalofsky is the co-owner of The Comfort Outlet. The Comfort Outlet offers awhole line of products that allow people to navigate their everyday lives at an optimum comfortlevel. For more information, please visit