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Why is the Fail Whale Smiling?


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A sampling of the types of communication on Twitter. Used in a presentation with Classroom 2.0 on March 7, 2009

Published in: Education, Technology, Travel

Why is the Fail Whale Smiling?

  1. Why is the Fail Whale Smiling?
  2. What is Twitter all about?
  3. Everyone is Busy Why should you make time for 140 characters...
  4. Kindred Spirits Are there Twitterers very much like/unlike you?
  5. We celebrate good news With friends and family...
  6. We Share Thick Tweets are Delicious.
  7. News is broadcast it happens!
  8. Marketers are listening Have they found you yet?
  9. The Geek Gap Are educators leading or following;
  10. It can be Fun Really? On the computer?!
  11. The Rich & Famous ...or those who pretend to be?
  12. Educators Leading the Way How are teachers leveraging Twitter?
  13. I Need a Little Help Here Can we make use of Crowd-Sourcing?
  14. We build Relationships ...both thick and thin.
  15. How Do I Find People Interesting people!
  16. Being in Sync! Join live discussions: #educhat or #journchat?
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  18. Created by: Rodd Lucier @thecleversheep Licensed by: Creative Commons: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada