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Taking Flight with Creative Commons


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This is the e-book/slideshow that was developed collaboratively by participants in the Creative Commons workshop held last week at the 2010 ABEL Summer Institute.

Content includes suggestions for using CC in the classroom; related questions; and general insights regarding media.

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Taking Flight with Creative Commons

  1. Taking Flight with Creative Commons A Collaborative Writing Project ABEL Summer Institute 2010
  2. Model your use of the Creative Commons to your students in your practice.
  3. Creative sharing offers infinite possibilities for the creation and distribution of art works - opening the door to the arts wide open to all.
  4. By using Creative Commons licensed images and music, students can safely navigate the crazy and chaotic internet super highway.
  5. Students will need a starting point, direction, and guidance to effectively use Creative Commons.
  6. Create an interactive classroom game (Geography, Travel, History) using images that the students need to correctly identify - a team based, collaborative activity.
  7. Creative Commons leads legal graffiti in a digital world.
  8. Media to inspire and create impact in a way only images, audio and video can.
  9. Creative Commons can help us navigate through prickly territory.
  10. Think out of the box! Teach students to use Creative Commons licensed works when creating projects.
  11. I thought it was my work? Who really owns it?
  12. If a student seeds an idea at school but grows it at home, who owns it?
  13. When I see you, who owns you? How much do I see? How much do I keep?
  14. Let's give students a chance to be outrageous using the power of Creative Commons!
  15. Creativity + Content + Community = Creative Commons
  16. We need each other in our creative quest. Creative Commons gives us the right to use ideas, share ideas and make something new and exciting. Who knows where our quest will lead us?
  17. It's always easiest to run with the herd. Encourage students to forge a new path for themselves using their own ideas and creative works - it will be more rewarding.
  18. We can use Creative Commons to produce an instructional safety video... on how to use a table saw.
  19. Share the CC licensed 'Ethical & Responsible Use of Information & Communication Technology Guideline' with the world.
  20. Students are to assemble photos and write complementary text which reflect their feelings about preserving cultural diversity. Is it worthwhile or not? Is it possible or is a homogenous world inevitable in the time of the World Wide Web?
  21. Can I spread this idea with the faith that it will remain sacred? Who sanctified it? Or does the idea proliferate and reproduce itself without anyone owning it and everyone owning it?
  22. "We are the future... the change... the hope... We are the light."
  23. Tired, determined, confrontational and carrying a heavy burden,...this just says educator to me.
  24. When the early morning mist breaks on lake superior in the summer the only creatures that can maintain the natural scale of the rocks, trees and water of the region are dinosaurs. Someone needs to get capture these creatures in the mist before the sun rises and all there are left are tourists and woodchucks. Publish these pictures so that all the folks in Southern Ontario will know the truth about Northern Ontario
  25. What goes around comes around.
  26. When I resurrect what's considered old, is it actually? Is it the thing itself or, is it context?
  27. There is a moment of inspiration in every day, we simply need to make sure our eyes and minds are open to it.
  28. Contributors Alana Callan Rita Koutsouvanos Paul Fernandez Bert Neale Carol Culp Felicia Cimbron Michelle von Enckevort Paul Hill Katherine Michaud Mr. Johnson Colleen Adl Karen L. Bowen Caitlin Hussey Susan Gaffoor Mr. 0 Lisa Neale CC Licensed Photos: Michael Redfearn Trey Ratcliffe Sarah Avveduto Jim Brekke Marianne Hamilton Old Workhorse