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  1. 1.
  2. 2. Problems Why this project? What will we do? Our website
  3. 3. We don`t have the habit of reading book as a society. Percentages of reading book are:% 14 in Japan,%12 in the USA, %11 in England and %0,01 in Turkey.
  4. 4. . The person who reads and writes has self confidence. Reading is a need. According to the students; %10.7 of them read book regularly, %18.9 of them read sometimes and %61.9 of them read irregularly. According to the students; the reasons are prices of the books, their lessons, internet and television.
  5. 5. We decided to form book banks. After we finish reading our books, we will give them to the ‘book banks’, we will support our friends.