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Creative Commons Buck Bunny


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This brief explanation of the Creative Commons was created using material licensed by the Blender Foundation.

Buck Bunny, in its original context, can be viewed or downloaded from

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Creative Commons Buck Bunny

  1. 1. With thanks to the Creators of For licensing their work with Creative Commons
  2. 2. quot;Our current culture is one in which creators get to create only with the permission of the powerful, or of creators from the pastquot; Lawrence Lessig Founder of Creative Commons
  3. 3. Do you create? photos artwork music movies writing
  4. 4. Where do your ideas come from?
  5. 5. Is all content up for grabs?
  6. 6. The Creative Commons...
  7. 7. Empowers you...
  8. 8. ... to decide how your work can be used.
  9. 9. You specify permissions.
  10. 10. You can allow others to...
  11. 11. Share
  12. 12. Remix
  13. 13. Perform
  14. 14. Mashup
  15. 15. You can assist other creators...
  16. 16. ... and yourself!
  17. 17.
  18. 18. copyright Blender Foundation |
  19. 19. Slides prepared by: Rodd Lucier copyright Blender Foundation |