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What’s New – learn how Google is delivering an online, affordable office experience , 99.9% uptime, and redundant data centers.

Over the past several years IT has been told to cut costs, keep critical systems running and make sure the company is covered in case of disaster or lawsuit.

Learn about the Google Apps Experience and how they deliver an online, affordable office experience and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

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  • Review these points and then Mike Albers will demonstrate some highlights of the experience and answer questions like:Demonstration of Product and Answers To QuestionsWhat about security?How does the experience differ from typical solutions?What about Spam?How can I share information with others?What size of companies use Google Apps?What happens when the Internet is down?Steve Phillips from Purple Trout will join us and give a brief discussion about his experience with Google Apps.
  • Today, over 1 million businesses use Google Apps. If you would like to read some of the success stories, you can go to
  • The Circuit Google Apps

    1. 1. Thom Davidson | RRippe & Kingston 513.977.4544 | thom.davidso Rippe & Kingsto Systems, Inc. on
    2. 2. Rippe & Kingston Systems, Inc. o
    3. 3. Trend To ards Clo d Com ting Towards Cloud mputing mp Rippe & Kingsto Systems, Inc. on
    4. 4. Agenda Messaging  & Co Messaging & Coollaboration  ollaboration Challenges Cloud App proach Who Uses G Google? Cloudy with a Chance of  “Pain” Rippe & Kingsto Systems, Inc. on
    5. 5. Legacy Legac messaging s stem ha e problems system have ms High costs 1 Over $300/user/y year Labor requirements 2 Maintenance, Maintenance patches and upgrades User li it ti s U limitations 3 Less storage, poor search Rippe & Kingsto Systems, Inc. on
    6. 6. On-premise On premise messaging is e pensi e s expensive Costs of On Premise Email n-Premise n (Per Us Per Year) ser, Source: Should Your Email Live In The Cloud?’,Ted Schadler, Forrester, 2009 Rippe & Kingsto Systems, Inc. on
    7. 7. Upgrades are slow and pa slo ainful ainf l Time and money spent on upgrades… y p pg … 18 Month Plan Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 • New servers Prepare network • OS upgrade • Purchase CALs Upgrade OS • Storage Install server • es Drivers • Memory Add storage Move mailboxes 2000 2003 2007 …that occur only in 4-6 year cycles. Rippe & Kingsto Systems, Inc. on
    8. 8. Admins and users e perie sers experie ence limitations Admin headaches User limitations • Administrative burden: 22.8 • Limited storage: time wasted hours per week for Exchange managing to mailbox quotas server 20071 • Slow search: users folder and • Downtime: 60-150 minutes sort email d to poor search il due h planned and unscheduled per and email archives are less month2 useful • Opportunity cost: time spent • Poor collaboration maintaining email could be used experience: limited real-time for more strategic projects capabilities; no native sharing 1 “Google Apps vs Microsoft Exchange Sever 2007 – Total Cost of Ownership Ana vs. alysis. alysis ” The Radicati Group, November 2008 2””Corporate IT Survey – Messaging & Collaboration, 2008-2009,” The Radicati Gro oup, 2008. Rippe & Kingsto Systems, Inc. on
    9. 9. Why r n Wh run email yourself? o rself? Google will take care of email so you can focus on projects that add value to your business o Rippe & Kingsto Systems, Inc. on
    10. 10. Messaging and collaborat tion are better in the clo d cloud Better  Experience  with  No  No More  Continuous  Hardware Less Money y Backup p p Updates No  Redundant  Mo ore  Software Systems Reliab ble &  Secure By 2012, 20% of enterprise e-mail sseats will use a software as a service (SaaS) or "cloud" model for e-mail services (Gartner May 2009) cloud (Gartner, Rippe & Kingsto Systems, Inc. on
    11. 11. Google Apps is more secure secure • Quick facts o 4th largest server manufacturer in the world o Billions of $ flowing through our systems t o Millions of credit card numbers • 100s of thousands of identical servers o Hardened, custom Linux stack o No unused ports or services available o No third-party security issues o Quick update of all systems • Data distribution & multi-tenant model o D t shared across servers (GFS) Data h d o Data obfuscation on disk o Data replication • SAS 70 Type II certification yp Rippe & Kingsto Systems, Inc. on
    12. 12. Continuous inno ation livered itho t Contin o s innovation deli ered without hassles Google Video Blackberry Gmai Video il Enterprise for Business Chat C Sever Connector Blackberry Sync for Gmail Offline Google Sites Contact Sync Microsoft Outlook 2008 2009 68 major feature releases j 87 (so far) ( ) Rippe & Kingsto Systems, Inc. on
    13. 13. Google Apps the clo d fo your b siness Apps: cloud or o r business Messag g aging Gmail Powerful email service with 25GB of storage and fast search Talk Integrated instant messagin video and voice chat ng, Calendar Personal, shared, and publi calendars ic Collaboration Docs Simple real-time document collaboration from anywhere Sites Sit Easily created and edited group pages Video Securely shared internal vid deos. Rippe & Kingsto Systems, Inc. on
    14. 14. Security Sec rit and compliance a better in the clo d are cloud Secu urity Message Security Protect email from malware and manage content policies. e Web Security Block web based security t threats. Manage web access. Complia ance Message Discovery Archive, search and retrieve email for e-discovery. e Message Encryption M E ti Encrypt sensitive emails ba ased on policies and content. Rippe & Kingsto Systems, Inc. on
    15. 15. Security Sec rit and compliance a better in the clo d are cloud Secu urity Rippe & Kingsto Systems, Inc. on
    16. 16. Google Apps C stomers Customers Enterprises — Fortune 500 and Small and Mid-Size Academic and Non–Profit Public Sector Businesses Organizations g More than 20 Millio Corporate Users on Rippe & Kingsto Systems, Inc. on
    17. 17. Google Apps: What sets it apart Apps t 1 Dramatic cost sav vings Less administrativ time ve 2 3 Better reliability and security 4 Best email experience for business 5 Best way to work with teams Rippe & Kingsto Systems, Inc. on
    18. 18. Cloudy ith Clo d with a Chance of P Pain 1 Exposure to busin ness failure by Provider Integration with directory and applications 2 3 Some lack of “Hig Fidelity” gh 4 Culture shift to tru provider ust Security and Dow wntime Concerns 5 (Offline) Rippe & Kingsto Systems, Inc. on
    19. 19. “Going Google” Rippe & Kingston Systems, Inc. o