LinkedIn Ninja Black Belt The Circuit by Crystal Thies


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LinkedIn Ninja Black Belt The Circuit by Crystal Thies

  1. 1. Black Belt for Sales “Lite”A Powerful Tool to Generate Prospects and Sales
  2. 2. Why Use LinkedIn?• 100 million users in over 200 countries• >1 new member joins LinkedIn every second• Top Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn• They’ve “won” the business social network battle• Average income of LinkedIn User > $109,000• 70% of LinkedIn Users earn $60,000+• 57% using LinkedIn for marketing purposes have acquired a client (61% for B2B)* * HubSpot 2011 State of Inbound Marketing
  3. 3. 1st degreeBuilding a profile for sales
  4. 4. Personal Profile
  5. 5. ProfileSummary &Specialties
  6. 6. Optimizing Your Profile for Search• Pick a 2-3 word phrase (may want to use Google Adwords keyword tool to pick a phrase that enough people search on, but isn’t most popular)• Phrase should be in:  Headline  Title of at least 1 other  Summary recent past position  Specialties  Use as often as possible  Title of current or most in position descriptions recent position
  7. 7. Applications
  8. 8. Applications
  9. 9. 2nd degreeBuilding Your LinkedIn Network
  10. 10. Networking Philosophy Open Closed Quantity Quality
  11. 11. Power of LinkedIn
  12. 12. Importing Contacts
  13. 13. 3rd degreeFinding prospects
  14. 14. 4th degreeConnecting with prospects
  15. 15. Develop a Strategy• Where’s the leverage?• Strength of Relationship – Between you and your connection – Between your connection and the prospect• Is there more than one way to get to the prospect? If so, identify multiple strategies.• Timing: When is the best time to act?
  16. 16. 6th degree Using groups
  17. 17. Groups
  18. 18. Groups• Perfect for hunting and farming• Recent Study on B2B Lead Gen: 38% of traffic originating from LinkedIn Groups resulted in a completed form on company website• Since each group has it’s own owner, the rules and opportunities differ for each group• Join groups of your target market – not your competitors• Can message group members even if not connected• Start your own group to create your own circle of influence
  19. 19. 7th degreeUsing answers and applications
  20. 20. Answers
  21. 21. Answers
  22. 22. 8th degreeManaging connections and prospects
  23. 23. Tagging Connections
  24. 24. LinkedIn Ninja Black Belt for Sales• 8 Interactive Modules• Self Paced• Live Group Q&A• Individual Feedback & 1:1 Coaching• Accountability & Demonstration of Competence• To Graduate: You must make a sale!
  25. 25. Ninja Trick – Import Facebook Friends• No Direct Way to Import/Export• Must set up free Yahoo Mail address• Yahoo Mail is the only mail system that directly connects to Facebook and will auto import all Facebook Friends into address book• Then just export Yahoo address book as CSV• Import into LinkedIn as CSV
  26. 26. Contact The LinkedIn NinjaCrystal L. ThiesLinkedIn Consultant and CoachCrystal Clear Buzz(859) 391-6562crystal@crystalclearbuzz.comhttp://linkedinninja.comhttp://crystalclearbuzz.com clients globally and local clients in the Cincinnati and Cleveland areas