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Social gaming 4_health_wellness_and_productiv



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Social gaming 4_health_wellness_and_productiv

  1. 1. Heroik Media What we do:   650 564-4376 We Build Ideas From  Twitter: @getheroik Thought to Profit. Blog/Collaboratory:   These Notes Were Declassified  For Your Viewing Pleasure.  For more info about our gamification projects visit:
  2. 2. Social Gaming 4 Health,  Wellness and Productivity Heroik Media, Proprietary and Confidential Copyrighted 2011
  3. 3. Level Up Your Life Heroik Media, Proprietary and Confidential Copyrighted 2011
  4. 4. EpicWin is a Mobile Task App   With a Gaming Twist     Heroik Media, Proprietary and Confidential Copyrighted 2011
  5. 5. It has all of the major Role Playing Game elements.  Questing Finding Loot Leveling Up Heroik Media, Proprietary and Confidential Copyrighted 2011
  6. 6. How Does this Apply to Health,  Wellness and Productivity? • Tasks Reflect Company Health &  Wellness Goals.  • Takes advantage of social trends  to encourage adoption and  participation. • Uses existing portable devices. • Action Oriented Tasks Increase  Productivity. • Bite size tasks build habits that  steer employees into the   company green zone. Heroik Media, Proprietary and Confidential Copyrighted 2011
  7. 7. And, • This game relies on a REAL  task list. • You participate by getting  things done. Heroik Media, Proprietary and Confidential Copyrighted 2011
  8. 8. As you level up, your title changes. Each Task can be  categorized into one of 5  character criteria:  • Strength  • Stamina • Intellect • Social • Spirit.   Heroik Media, Proprietary and Confidential Copyrighted 2011
  9. 9. Heroik Media, Proprietary and Confidential Copyrighted 2011
  10. 10. What Makes EpicWin a Success?  Socialize, Share and Interact. Heroik Media, Proprietary and Confidential Copyrighted 2011
  11. 11. Creating a Fun Delivery Mechanism for  the Wellness Program. • Existing devices that are common in today's work place   • Adding an application to deliver the wellness program   • Incorporating fun into an otherwise dry topic   • Using a hybrid, social gaming, task approach   • Tasks that build habits & and achieve wellness goals Heroik Media, Proprietary and Confidential Copyrighted 2011
  12. 12. Changing the Management &  Reporting Paradigm Heroik Media, Proprietary and Confidential Copyrighted 2011
  13. 13. Re-Think Data Collection & Reporting • A picture is worth a thousand  words and at least a few  numbers. • The pie chart and pictures are  quick and powerful  communicators. • Why limit organization to only  activities that can be  measured quantitatively? • What is really important to  measure? Heroik Media, Proprietary and Confidential Copyrighted 2011
  14. 14. Create a Company Wall of Epic-ness! • Create a company portrait of  employees and Avatars. • Make the Company Wall a  dynamic web page that displays  updated information. • Which gives users motivation to  post. • Create a Group Calendar of  Tasks that syncs with the  company. Heroik Media, Proprietary and Confidential Copyrighted 2011
  15. 15. Data Visualization Tool for Management Heroik Media, Proprietary and Confidential Copyrighted 2011
  16. 16. The Value of 100 TOEs: Tasks of Epicness • Create 100 Tasks of varying  difficulty that encourage  wellness goals. • Get tasks endorsed. • Create  shared calendar with  tasks • Reward those who  complete/conquer. • Iterate tasks to books and  other media channels. Heroik Media, Proprietary and Confidential Copyrighted 2011
  17. 17. What Else Can I do? ? + Heroik Media, Proprietary and Confidential Copyrighted 2011
  18. 18. Summary: EpicWin is Just One Example •  A fun game that plays with real life; with  practical implications and social tie-ins. • Creates and changes habits through tasks  • A way to take advantage of what's out there • Discover a formula for opportunity • Allows us re-think data collection & reporting  goals • Remember, A picture is worth a thousand  words and at least a few numbers. Heroik Media, Proprietary and Confidential Copyrighted 2011
  19. 19. Conclusion There is a huge opportunity to be  the resource that provides the  practice and process.  Using EpicWin,and other tools like it, we  can Level Up Life & Work across teams,  departments and entire organizations!  Heroik Media, Proprietary and Confidential Copyrighted 2011

Editor's Notes

  • This is an example of how we introduce these modern paradigms into client environments Change the introduction of a  health and wellness program Taking content that otherwise can be dry and boring & changing it into something that is engaging and fun. This one application we're aware of and used, so we're going to show you how we'd use this in a wellness env. Recognizing that it can be swapped out with other tools and applications
  • Here's an app with these components, Use games and like, do it using a device they already have. Task application so it can be used for other tasks on the
  • Employee has a new app on their iPhone- in order to support wellness They're already carrying the device They're already use to adding apps and most people have at least one game that they really like.
  • All of these wellness activities that we're going to ask them to undertake These games are popular Reinforcement.reward Loops undergo activities- get visual reinforcement rewards as you progress Finding loot leveling up These things make the game compelling and addictive Research and science backed leverage to make successful wellness program --------------------------------------- The reason that games are popular is because they have these reinforcement/reward loops as you undertake activities you get the visual reinforcement, the rewards for your actions, like finding loot, rewards for your progress by leveling up. These are the things that make gaming compelling and addictive. There's a ton of science and research behind that which we'll leverage to make a wellness program successful. Reinforcement Reward Capture the major elements of an RPG -Quests -Loot -Levels
  •   Take advantage of social trends Using existing portable Action Oriented Tasks Increase Productivity     Take advantage of social trends, encourage adoption and participation of programs on existing portable devices.  As a practice, Create and encourage Action Oriented Tasks that Reflect Company Health & Wellness Goals Action Oriented Tasks/ focus result in better productivity and they're at the foundation of best practices of GTD, a popular organization strategy.  The gaming aspect itself encourages participation in the small actions that create healthy and productive habits. Adds a fun gaming layer to programs and helps breakdown goals into smaller tasks. Bite Size items that can steer a company into the green zone.
  • The difference is, that this game relies on a REAL task list.   You participate and progress by  doing things we want them to do in the wellness program.  And they'll use the game to record and get credit for those activities.  The Jedi mind trick to building better habits that work towards wellness goals. real tasks in a game environment.
  •     * Each Task can be categorized into one of 5 character criteria: Strength, Stamina, Intellect, Social, and Spirit. We like this app in particular because it already has categories we can use.  As you level up, your title changes Strength and Stamina -exercise and cardio Intellect reading, watching and listening to content that's part of the wellness program. -tie in to other product consumption. Social  added coaching or leadership tasks, reinforcing and encouraging co-workers.  Indicate availability to help people in the wellness program. Spirit -participating in activities in the company wellness meeting.  -Diet- fruits and veggies The application is going to support these types of activities By hitting a couple buttons they'll be rewarded they'll see their avatars level up.
  • It's not a single use application , people can elect to use it for other things as well.  Half- game half- task app Appeals to people who do task management through their calendars as well, not just the gaming crowd.  They can get more value by interacting on both paradigms. Overdue - They get notices of tasks that are scheduled are over-due Alarms & Reminders  Users can schedule alarms to remind them about scheduled /time sensitive tasks.
  • Share on Twitter and Favebook.  We've taken something personal (tasks), brought in new ways to socialize it and bring to the organization. EpicWin is a personal game, with practical implications and social tie-ins.  Tasks are given meaning and value in visual, persistent and interactive environments that are FUN.  Achievements are tied to real accomplishments.  Rewards are instant, visual & don't have to be tangible to be appreciated.    This paradigm is a significant shift in Delivery and Adoption for a Wellness program.  It will drive demand for the content that Wellcom creates and distributes.
  • This is really a formula for opportunity  Existing Hardware + App Culture +Social Gaming/Involvement +A little process = Increased participation & adoption of programs & habits.
  • Using this type of system. data collection is going to be different. We're going to introduce some modern tools to look at the wellness of our wellness program.   
  • Quantitative mindset can lead to legal troubles, undue performance pressures and hostile environment scenarios. Using Captured Images and Data Visualization tools, you can gain more insight, better  measurement  and reporting without limiting the activity- or the fun. Images are under-utilized sources of data. New tools in data visualization can change that.    Ultimately, what gets presented and what gets attention?   The Avatar Profiles are infographics about the people in your company.
  • By creating a company wall, your creating a place where they can view their status and that of others in the company Pools usage data and lets you learn more about  company. learn about your company adoption and participation of your company. they can get recognition, have friendly competition. Clicking on character can link to a place to comment, the internal social app, Trigger more communication. [change the photos in real time as well] The company portrait can be a static print out, or a dynamic website displayed on a screen,   That changes as profiles are uploaded,  or shows a leader board. Requires custom web code but relatively easy to execute encourage people to post their status- they're going to do it for their own status. It's participation based and requires users to opt in.
  • Pull management into the gaming paradigm Breakdown into categories and learn new things see trending data for teams and individuals   Using Data Visualization Tools Like Microsoft Pivot, you can arrange a company's EpicWin Profiles to identify leaders in different task categories. slice it down into the meaningful segments.  Pulls management into this gaming paradigm. Get the summary data what's the participation level in each category. You may also want to look at how the company breaks down by department, team, tenure, gender, age, activities or other interests to discover new correlations and connections you never would have noticed before. see trending data for teams and individuals
  • Value Add: Create 100 Tasks that rank from simple and small to more complex & strenuous efforts that encourage goals of health, wellness and productivity Get task endorcement from Industry Leaders, Innovators and associations Apply to EpicWin, create 100 tasks of epic-ness calendar that can be shared with subscribers. winner receives prize and all those who accomplish all 100 have profiles and conquered tasks printed and framed. Iterate tasks to books and other media create tasks and pre-fabbed calendar of tasks (list and calendar) allow people to use judgement to choose appropriate points
  • Here are the integration points and the question mark is up there because there are always going to be new social paradigms to interact with and this design allows us to do that.  Advantages The advantage here increases the visibility of the wellness program that increases prestige and reputation. Lets the world see that even your wellness program is current and up to date. Recruiting Attractive to potential employees   Follow Team and track and reward your rock stars as they level up! Share Your Profiles via Path/CubeTree/Facebook/LinkedIn and other business oriented Social Media sites. We could tie in other paradigms like cube tree and it would result in a whole new product that WellCom can sell. 
  •   2. Goals  can be broken into habits, which can be broken down into simpler tasks, associated with rewards virtual and real.   Health and Wellness Programs can be more effective if broken down to fundamental habits/goals, and success increases if habits and goals can be formulated into tasks. Breaks down goals of programs into simple habits and tasks and packaged in a way that is easy, mobile, rewards are instant, visual and interactive. Path of least resistance to Increase health, wellness and productivity for everyone, not just the workplace :)  
  • Using EpicWin, and other tools like it, you can Level Up Life & Work across teams, departments and the whole organization! There is a huge opportunity to be the resource that provides the practice and process. This is how we work, what we bring to the table being able to think in terms that are specific to her market place but apply our unique media model is the value we bring to the table. By working with us, you will be engaging in an innovative and collaborative environment where the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts and you won't be required to come up with ideas and execute on them completely on your own.   Heroik Media, Proprietary and Confidential, Copyright 2011
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