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Allen Qu - Maximising the use of Chinese digital platforms


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Allen Qu - CEO of Netconcepts

Proven strategies and tools are hard to access 600 million internet users including over 220 million active online shoppers who spend more money than any other online shoppers in the world.

An overview of business opportunities available in China for marketers. A presentation from the China Digital Marketing & Social Media Summit held on the 24th of October 2013.

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Allen Qu - Maximising the use of Chinese digital platforms

  1. 1. How to Leverage Digital Platforms to Reach Your Customers Allen Qu Founder & CEO Netconcepts China
  2. 2. Founder & CEO at Netconcepts China E-mail: Website: Weibo: Skype: allen_qu Beijing Headquarters Address: Suite 1301-1306, Building A, U-town Center, No.1 Sanfengbeili, Chaoyang Dist, Beijing, China (Post Code: 100020) Shanghai Office Address: Suite 2006, Pole Tower, No.425 Yishan Road, Xuhui Dist., Shanghai, China (Postcode: 201103)
  3. 3. China is HUGE! China is GROWING! China is DIFFERENT!
  4. 4. China Search Engine Market Share (Jul 2012) SoSo 4% Others 1% Google 6% Sogou 7% Baidu 82%
  5. 5. Search Marketing Strategies in China Paid Organic Search Marketing Win
  6. 6. China SEM Landscape by Media • 63% Market Share • 50-70% Budget Share • 19% Market Share • 10-15% Budget Share Baidu Tencent • Social + Mobile • 5-20% Budget Share 360 Sogou + SoSo • 15% Market Share • 15-30% Budget Share
  7. 7. China SEM Landscape by Format Brand Zone Content Ads Search Ads PC + Mobile Social Ads
  8. 8. Understanding
  9. 9. Hotels General Search PPC Baidu Open Platform Baidu Baike SEO PPC
  10. 10. Beijing Hotels Local Search PPC Baidu Open Platform PPC
  11. 11. Beijing Hotel Review PPC SEO PPC
  12. 12. Multiple Results from One Website