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CBI NI energy conference: Harry McGrath


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Presentation by Harry McGrath, production director, Brett Martin Ltdn at the CBI NI energy conference. February 2012

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CBI NI energy conference: Harry McGrath

  1. 1. Wind Turbine Project 2011-2012Harry McGrathProduction DirectorFeb 2012
  2. 2. Global Performer50 £110years million800employees
  3. 3. Global Performer5 Continents 74 Countries50%Export sales
  4. 4. Multi Site Operations Staveley Burscough Luton & ScotlandMallusk Coventry
  5. 5. Feasibility study………..2005Planning Application…..Jul 2006EIS Submitted ………...July 2007Planning Decision… …Sept 2008Resubmission ……. ….May 2009Planning Approval …….Feb 2010Order Placed………….Aug 2010Installation…Sept 2010/May
  6. 6. ENERCON E-70 Technical Data• Max Output 2.3 MW• Height 99.5m• Rotor Diameter 71m• Hub height 64m• Cut-in wind speed 2.5m/s• Cut-out wind speed 28-34m/s• Rated wind speed 14m/s• Weights..blade 6T, gen 50T tower 139T• Foundation 30m diameter
  7. 7. Costs• Planning/Project management £50k+• Anemometer hire £20k• Foundations £50K• Turbine £2mill• Cabling/Ducting £40k
  8. 8. Issues to Consider• Planning/Local Knowledge/PPS 18• Grid Connectivity/NIE Grid Connection Code• Height, wildlife, bats, shadow flicker, noise
  9. 9. Performance Expectations• Site demand >25 Gwhr• 15% contribution from wind• 20% contribution to cost• All generated units used/no spillage• Carbon Reduction
  10. 10. Operation of E-70• SCADA Remote performance monitoring• 15 year maintenance contract
  11. 11. Performance to date• Operational since late June 2011• July/Aug low wind speeds!• Sept to date above average• Generated 2.5mill units to Jan 2012• Forecast >3 mill units/annum